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Powered by People

Data Centers Powered by People

QTS is known for world-class data centers and innovative products that have been designed to meet the changing needs of our customers. But when you ask our customers about QTS, they don’t talk about our facilities. They talk about our people, our company culture, and the investment that QTS has made in supplying a people-powered level of attentive, consultative service unmatched in the data center industry.

There is a team-first attitude among QTS people. You see it reflected in the attention to detail we deliver in every aspect of our business. Our customers rave about the unyielding commitment of QTS people in every role in the company, in every market the company serves. They talk about the commitment to helping customers achieve goals and objectives, both in their day-to-day jobs and when actions above and beyond the normal call of duty are needed.

QTS People - Focused on YOU

QTS people are team-oriented, resourceful professionals who have the proper background and training to get the job done. Our engineers and technical staff continuously cross-train to be familiar with all technology and infrastructure that supports customer environments. Our sales engineers and implementation team understand the importance of a well-designed migration or implementation that fits your timeline. Our Data Center Operations and Operations Service Center teams are seasoned professionals who are ready to serve your needs around the clock.

That QTS team spirit is not restricted to the office or the data center. It comes out in the willing support of the company’s commitment to volunteerism, as active givers of time, talent, technology and resources for deserving organizations and people in our local communities.

But most importantly to our customers, it is a team-oriented, customer-first attitude throughout the organization. Across the country, and in every role, committed teams of knowledge employees offer capable, hands-on service, in a way that shows a commitment to helping our customers meet their organizational goals, every hour of every day.

In every interaction with our company, you feel it. QTS people care about the success of your business. Everyone at QTS understands the mission critical nature of your relationship with us. It is not something we take for granted.

Your data center powers your business. At QTS, our people power ours.

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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"As always, we are treated as if every request is important. People are always very courteous."

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Powered by People