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QTS Federal Cloud

Delivering compliant, scalable and secure virtual data centers for federal and government agencies

The QTS Federal Cloud delivers scalable, secure, high-performing, virtual data centers for government mission-critical applications. This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution is designed to meet the mandates that federal agencies, government contractors, and system integrators are facing, including the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), Cloud First and Shared Services.

QTS Federal Cloud is FedRAMP Compliant

QTS is pleased to announce that our Federal Cloud solution has achieved FedRAMP compliance. The QTS Federal Cloud solution meets the security and performance needs of government agencies' mission-critical applications. QTS is the first cloud services provider (CSP) to achieve FedRAMP compliance through the FedRAMP supply path protocol. Other approaches to achieving FedRAMP compliance include using a 3PAO to work toward Joint Authorization Board Provisional Authorization, or working directly with a Federal Agency to assess the CSP’s system. Achieving this milestone positions us to obtain a FedRAMP authority-to-operate (ATO) from a Federal agency customer.


Solution Highlights

  • Secure, FedRAMP compliant* IaaS platform specifically designed to meet the security and performance needs for government agencies mission-critical applications
  • Reliable, high-performing, future proof infrastructure
  • Built on proven, best-of-breed technology - the VMware vCloud® Suite
    • Compatible solution that easily integrates with private VMware environmentsVMware vCloud Powered Logo 
    • Provides flexibility and a pathway to hybrid cloud
    • Retain governance and control with rapid provisioning and decommissioning of IT resources
  • Flexible framework to support business needs today and in the future
  • QTS Onclouding service options ensure your new cloud environment is ready to launch easily and quickly

Cloud infrastructure that is secure and protected

The QTS Federal Cloud is a physically-isolated cloud and housed in two of the world’s largest and most secure data centers:
  • The highly-secure QTS Richmond Data Center, a proven, facility that hosts significant amounts of additional sensitive federal agency IT infrastructure.  Achievement of LEED Gold – Data Center 1.
  • The QTS Atlanta-Metro Data Center, a proven, premium 970,000 square foot facility that is home to some of the largest data center customers in the world.  Achievement of LEED Gold – Phase II. 


    Features At-A-Glance

    • Virtual Data Center (vDC): Provides all infrastructure services, compute, storage, network and security components necessary for you to make workloads operational in minutes
    • Self-management interface: Allows you direct access to your vDC with the same VMware interface you are familiar with to rapidly deploy, provision and manage resources
    • On-line software catalogs: Empowers you to deploy and consume pre-configured infrastructure and applications services
    • Performance-based storage: Multiple tiers of storage to match performance with your application
    • Efficient resource utilization: Resources are reserved for guaranteed availability with "pay-as-you-go" flexibility for maximum efficiency
    • Hybrid Connectivity: Establish private network connectivity between QTS Data Centers, offices, hosted sites and your QTS Federal Cloud - Learn More



    Value-Added Cloud Service Options

    QTS cloud backup and disaster recovery services ensures your data is secure and available when you need it

    • Cloud Backup Services allows you to choose from full and incremental backups or establish a custom backup policy that best fits your business requirements.
      • New virtual machines added to your environment will automatically be included to your back-up policy
      • Off-site replication options are also available
    • Cloud Disaster Recovery Services offer a robust, backup replication solution for your virtual server environment to a secondary QTS Data Center on a daily basis.  Choose your entire environment or only those virtual machines you want to recover.