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QTS DRaaS for Healthcare

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QTS Disaster Recovery Quick Assessment

Healthcare Solution

As one of the nation’s leading data center providers, QTS offers unparalleled advantages in healthcare colocation and cloud services.  QTS delivers data center solutions enabling HIPAA compliance specifically tailored to address the IT challenges facing hospitals, healthcare organizations and medical software providers.  By leveraging best-of-breed technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and healthcare industry knowledge, QTS delivers powerful, secure, scalable, readily available, and redundant colocation and cloud services solutions.

QTS’  commitment to healthcare is nothing new. QTS provides the physical, environmental, network and infrastructure resources that enable you to deliver patient information securely all day, every day.

On-Premises to Cloud in 30 Days

As seasoned cloud and data center services experts,  QTS will have your current on-premise healthcare application completely functional in the Cloud in 30 days or less, guaranteed.  Take advantage of our risk-free offer today by calling  1.877.QTS.DATA or by completing our online inquiry form on this page.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Our Disaster Recovery replication solution extends the flexibility of virtualization to the business continuity/disaster recovery strategy and ensures the availability of patient information so healthcare professionals can deliver superior care more quickly.

Benefits of Partnering with QTS:

Security & Privacy
QTS provides HIPAA compliant solutions that deliver information security and privacy compliance. With QTS, you'll never share your data with a 3rd party and your customer's Electronic Personal Health Information (EPHI) and Private Patient Information (PPI) will be safe and secure

Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings
Our industry-leading technology virtually eliminates down time associated with on-premises systems.  Solutions can be rapidly deployed, saving you time and money. With added ease of operation, you'll also save on ongoing support costs.

24x7x365 Secure, Availability from Any Web-Enabled Device
Your end users require continuous access to their data and applications whether they log in from their office, use a smartphone on the go, or want to access files from a tablet. QTS puts your application "on call" across your customers' network to allow continuous, private access to monitored and secured data.

Application Transition Support
QTS can provide secure access to a legacy application until end of life while your organization transitions to a new application.

QTS’ Unwavering Commitment
QTS is committed to providing and supporting a compliant platform for  your applications, and protecting  patient information, including EPHI and PPI.  Leverage our expert healthcare team today by calling 1-877-QTS-DATA or complete the online inquiry form.