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Real-time Analytics

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It’s not how much data you have; it’s how much you’re getting out of your data!

See how QTS clients are leveraging real-time analytics from the Service Delivery Platform to identify new ways to optimize power consumption, create efficiencies through online ordering, and to set the highest degree of security for data center access.

The QTS Service Delivery Platform is a powerful API-driven orchestration platform that collects, digitizes and analyzes billions of metrics every day to help our customers make informed data-based decisions related to your QTS deployment. Accessible from the QTS Customer Portal, via web browser, Android and iOS devices and APIs.

Did you know you have access to these real-time analytics, today?

 Power Analytics

We’ve unleashed your power metrics; so you can rein in your power consumption!

As power usage and energy costs continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to gain access to your power draw at the data center. QTS Power Analytics helps you optimize consumption by providing real-time metrics at the space, rack, circuit and pole levels for improved capacity planning and forecasting.


 Online Ordering

Order cross connects and remote hands monthly subscriptions on-line in minutes, at your convenience. Automated orders amend your existing QTS contract, bypassing the need to execute a new sales contract, so you can connect to whom and where you need quicker.


Gain on-demand oversight and control of your QTS environment and portal with our attribute-based account management system – giving access to the right user at the right time. This level of granular control and reporting helps clients meet security, compliance and auditing requirements.

Access Your Data Today!

1. Contact your in-house QTS Portal Administrator/Manager
2. Request privileges pertinent to you: Power, Roster, Online Ordering
3. Start optimizing your environment and your time today!


Location Availability

*Power Analytics and Online Ordering are available at all QTS-owned facilities including: Ashburn, VA; Dulles, VA; Atlanta-Metro, GA; Atlanta-Suwanee, GA; Chicago, IL; Irving, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Jersey City, NJ; Miami, FL; Piscataway, NJ; Richmond, VA; Sacramento CA; and Santa Clara, CARoster is available at all QTS locations.

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What People Are Saying…

“SDP allowed us to review over and under subscribed cabinets in real-time, enabling us to shift infrastructure or increase our density.”

“The Power Analytics app is a game changer. We no longer need to request historical power reports; we just filter by timeframe and export ourselves, on-demand.”

“We thought we needed to order additional power. But with visibility into power draw by rack, we identified an underutilized cabinet and opted to add a server rather than contract for additional power. The SDP prompted a solution we had not previously considered.”

Online Ordering

“It took three minutes to order, and I was approved and live in days. The online process uses the same fields as the paper process, and I receive notifications from the QTS data center techs when the order is approved and live. This saves time and keeps a detailed historical record of orders.”


“From time to time I get a call on the weekend from a service provider needing temporary access. As the portal admin, I can now request a temporary guest badge from my mobile device on-demand, no longer requiring a drive to the data center on my personal time.”

“Our auditors require an annual read-out of data center badge activity by user and location. Being able to export this report on the fly is saving me time and ensures accuracy.”