At QTS, we help people, communities, businesses and government institutions flourish in the new era of technology. We use innovation to constantly re-imagine products and services that connect people, are environmentally conscious and build a better world for all of us. We just happen to build data centers.



Measurable commitments to sustainability through ESG Initiatives.


Digitization & Software

Real-time visibility, access and control via software-defined platform.


Customer Experience

Satisfaction that you can actually measure.


Connectivity Ecosystem

Scalable, resilient connectivity that is economically reliable.

Change doesn't happen in a think tank or in a boardroom, change happens with you and it happens with QTS. Join us as we identify strategies and solutions that further optimize your IT investment.


Let's collaborate and innovate - together.

QTS is an award-winning leader in sustainability. For years we have saved more water, recycled more production waste and have committed ourselves to powering all of our facilities by 100% renewable sourced energy by 2025.

Download this report: 2019 Environmental, Sustainability & Governance 

2019 ESG

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Using Technology to Regrow Decimated Forests with Jad Daley

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QTS Green: Learn about our Grow With QTS Customer Program where we donate trees to help restore threatened forest ecosystems.

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Learn more about our sustainability-focused programs at QTS - American Forests, Water FREEdom, Human Kind and more

Winner of the 2020 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

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