Corporate Sustainability

QTS has made a commitment to corporate responsibility through our mission of empowering people and technology. 

Our mission at QTS is to empower people and technology.

We firmly believe we can successfully execute on this mission with a focus not only on our business results but also equally important, on the conduct and manner in which we achieve our goals. 

Success-Based Giving Programs

We are partnered with U.S. Dream Academy, World Vision and American Forests.

Voluntary Reporting

GRESB, CDP, EcoVadis, RE100 and the EPA Green Power Partnership

Power Procurement

We aim to source 100% of electrical power from carbon-free energy sources.

Charitable Giving

In 2023, QTS donated $3.3 million in charitable contributions. 

QTS is the sustainability leader in the data center industry.

qts green

Grow with QTS - a customer program in partnership with American Forests

For every 100kW that is contracted, not used, each month per customer, QTS will donate one tree through American Forests.

As evidenced by our Powered by People approach, we believe that how we deliver our services is just as important as what is delivered. This means caring for and improving the lives of current and future employees, customers, investors and community members, and taking equal care of the environment and natural resources we all share. This helps us realize our vision of enhancing the care and improvement of human life and minimizing our carbon footprint through technology and manpower.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability, social accountability and corporate governance, rooted in sound and trusted core values, has never wavered, and we will continue to demonstrate this through an increased dedication to transparency and data-backed performance.
ESG Partnerships and Recognition

We are proud to partner with the most influential sustainability organizations who are working to make a difference in the world for current and future generations. Thanks to support of our leadership and these partnerships, we have the honor of receiving recognition for our leadership in sustainability. 

Meet the Team

QTS' Sustainability Leadership Team is responsible for managing our ESG initiatives to ensure we are progressing toward our goals.

Chad Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Travis Wright

Vice President of Energy & Sustainability

Megan Hofmeyer

Sustainability Director

Kelly Michael

Director of Marketing Operations & Communications

Stephen Douglas

Executive Vice President of Finance

Jon Sizemore

Project Manager

2023 SDP Sustainability Dashboard