Differentiation of QTS Service Delivery Platform (SDP) Accelerated in 2020

QTS customers benefited from SDP tailor-made remote management services already in place when the pandemic forced the shift to a remote workforce

Overland Park, Kan. (February 11, 2021) – QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a leading provider of hybrid colocation and mega scale data center solutions, today announced accelerating customer usage and engagement with QTS’ Service Delivery Platform (SDP) engineered to remotely manage and optimize hybrid and hyperscale colocation deployments in real-time.

SDP is the industry’s first software-defined, colocation orchestration platform that delivers complete transparency into the data center. It allows organizations to view and self-manage their environments from a single platform in real-time. Through continued innovation, the API-driven platform leads the industry in data center services delivery that is also reflected in QTS’ industry-leading customer satisfaction results.

In 2020, QTS continued to add and expand SDP features and functionality. Customers using new SDP applications such as 3D Mapper, Asset Manager, Notification Center, and Data Hall Sensor Analytics are benefiting from greater control over their IT environments and costs, increased security, ease of compliance and reduced risk.

In 2020, QTS made 1,487 enhancements and feature releases to SDP. Average SDP session times for customers nearly doubled year-over-year to approximately 32 minutes in 2020. As a result of more limited physical interaction due to the pandemic, 1,200 individual live demonstrations of the platform were performed online. In addition, the SDP Open Source API received 200+ enhancements.

SDP and related automated workflows have consistently created value for prospects and customers of all types. The SDP platform represents a key differentiator in the marketplace for QTS. 

2020 SDP Business Highlights:

  • Total contract value of orders placed directly through SDP increased 83% year-over-year.
  • Unique customers transacting orders on SDP increased 107% year-over-year with nearly a third of QTS’ customer base consistently purchasing and provisioning connectivity on-line.


  • New unique logins to SDP increased 20% in 2020.


  • Approximately 69% of new cross connect orders during 2020 were fully automated via SDP. 


  • SDP automation contributes to a 40% improvement in implementation from the time of order to the provisioning of new services.


  • QTS SDP is integrated with all major cloud providers and software-defined networks offering fast and flexible connectivity options.


  • SDP contributed to QTS’ maintaining its industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 80+ which is approximately double the average of data center providers.


Abacus Solutions is one of the world’s largest AS/400-focused platform-as-a-service providers and an IBM i marked managed service cloud provider. Abacus chose QTS as a strategic partner in 2020 with whom it could create an ecosystem of world-class business solutions taking full advantage of QTS API-driven SDP. 


“We are truly impressed by how QTS’ SDP is allowing us to innovate our business,” said Thomas Harris, Chief Operations Officer, Abacus Solutions. “We are taking full advantage of SDP applications such as Switchboard, Power Analytics, Asset Manager and Online Ordering, and are benefiting from greater control over costs, increased security, ease of compliance and reduced risk.”

“SDP’s capabilities are perfectly aligned with our response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” Harris added. “The ability to remotely monitor and manage our infrastructure through a real-time, software-defined interface is truly differentiating in the data center industry.”


“We are proud to report significant increases in customer use of QTS’ Service Delivery Platform and value delivered - particularly as QTS and our customers transitioned to a remote workforce,” said Brent Bensten, Chief Technology Officer, QTS. “We accelerated our digitization journey and the development of SDP more than four years ago not knowing the positive impact it would have during such an uncertain time. We continue to advance SDP by collaborating with customers, developers and the open source community as we create and refine APIs as the basis for an open standard in the data center industry for years to come.”


About QTS

QTS Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: QTS) is a leading provider of data center solutions across a diverse footprint spanning more than 7 million square feet of owned mega scale data center space within North America and Europe. Through its software-defined technology platform, QTS is able to deliver secure, compliant infrastructure solutions, robust connectivity and premium customer service to leading hyperscale technology companies, enterprises, and government entities. Visit QTS at www.qtsdatacenters.com, call toll-free 877.QTS.DATA or follow on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS.