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QTS Sustainability


Efficiency strategy that utilizes reused and recycled materials, maximizes water conservation and improves energy savings.

Commitment Statement

We understand that being a good environmental steward takes much more than just a simple green initiative or two.  QTS is committed to minimizing our data center carbon imprint and utilizing as much renewable resources and energy as possible in our ongoing operations. This commitment is supported by joining the EPA's Green Power Partner Program, where we are ranked among the Top 30 Tech & Telecom green power users.


We have focused our efforts on developing a company-wide approach – one that focuses on making sustainable choices to help us:


  • Show a commitment to the future of our environment
  • Drive data center efficiency through innovation
  • Measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage our employees to become sustainability leaders in the community
  • Support local legislation impacting sustainability
  • Promote transparency on sustainable practices in the industry
  • Move energy markets forward






Sustainability and Conservation Initiatives




UL 3223 Data CenterCertification Program

 25% of facilities certified by 2025

6% of facilities certified 

LEED designed facilities


 90% of facilities by 2022

 50% of facilities designed to LEED standards

Building and Operational Recycling 

 35 million lbs by 2025

 26.8 million lbs since 2015

Water Conservation 

 10 million gallons per year

 Recycled 30 million gallons of water since 2016

Electronic Vehicle Charging 

 30% of facilities with charging stations by 2022

 Available stations at 13% of existing facilities 

Renewable Power Purchasing 

Source a long-term renewable energy supply

Current annual Green Power Usage at 161,170,000 kWh

6 campuses planned for 100% renewable energy sourcing

Ranked on the EPA Green Power Partnership Top 30 for Tech & Telecom List



Sustainability Leadership

We have made a commitment to our customers, investors and employees to minimize our impact on the environment.   To ensure we are continually moving forward and pursuing our goals, we formed the Sustainability Leadership Team.  The team is comprised of a group of leaders from departments across the organization, led by our Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, who reports regularly to the CEO and Board of Directors.  Our team was created to track the ongoing progress of our sustainability initiatives, drive innovation and find ways to constantly exceed our goals. 

A few ways we are doing this:


  • Staying on top of news and innovation that can be applied to help reduce our environmental impact
  • Uncovering no or low cost improvements to implement
  • Seeking out certifications and standards to drive sustainability
  • Educating customers, community and employees on how they can help
  • Regular assessment of facilities for efficiency improvements


epa green power program

QTS Sustainability Quick Fact

Blanking panels are used and made available for customer use to help drive data center efficiency, saving 4 million kWh annually.


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