Prince William Digital Gateway

QTS has put careful planning and consideration into our plans for Digital Gateway and worked diligently to understand and abide by the guidelines established by the County. 

The Digital Gateway plan will provide the first clear path for the county to reduce residential tax burdens while funding strategic plan goals in support of parks, schools, transportation and affordable housing solutions. We strive to be context sensitive to the historical and cultural components of the corridor while working to realize the profound public benefit made possible by this project.

A Strengthened Virginia Economy

The total impact on Northern Virginia from data centers in 2021 was approximately 39,230 supported jobs, $3.3 billion in associated employee pay & benefits, and $13.5 billion in economic output. 

QTS has applied for rezoning land within PW Digital Gateway to develop predominately data centers, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s vision.

The rezoning applications present a meaningful opportunity to advance the County’s goals of creating a technology corridor and to implement many of the County’s priorities and Strategic Plan goals related to economic development, enhanced pedestrian and bicycle networks, new trail connections, and dedicated natural and open space areas. QTS continues to invest in viewshed analyses, transportation studies and cultural resources surveys and studies as part of the application review process.  The rezoning applications also include the provision of landscape buffers, reforestation areas and preservation of environmentally sensitive lands, all of which are key considerations included in the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

  About the Rezoning Plan

On November 1, 2022, the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) adopted the PW Digital Gateway Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Resolution No. 22-508) for an approximately 2,139 acre study area referred to as “PW Digital Gateway”. PW Digital Gateway generally extends from Route 29 to Sudley Road from south to north. A defining feature of PW Digital Gateway is its proximity to high voltage transmission lines and multi-carrier fiber optic lines.

The BOCS adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment resulted in the replanning of PW Digital Gateway from agricultural and estate to a designated technology corridor recommended for Industrial Use under the T-3 Transect (I-T3) .The amended Comprehensive Plan specifically recommends the development of data centers and associated uses within PW Digital Gateway.

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