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San Jose Data Center

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QTS San Jose data center connects companies directly to their customers and partners inside the worlds most networked data centers.

QTS San Jose

QTS’ San Jose data center serves as a reliable and secure destination to many of the world’s high-tech, engineering, computer, Internet content and microprocessor companies. These industry leaders take advantage of the dynamic ecosystem of networks and business partners within this Silicon Valley data center. Located in a strategic market, this facility caters to the highest concentration of high-tech companies in the world.

Designed with power systems that have built-in redundancy, full UPS systems with p to N+1 levels or greater, backup generator systems in the event of a local utility failure. In addition, our teams work with our customers to custom configure data center installations to accommodate specific business and application requirements.

Data Center Features


9 Great Oaks Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95119


  • 126,500 sq. ft. data center
  • 4.0 KVA per cabinet
  • 3+1 block redundant topology
  • 2,460 tons cooling plant- Evaporative cooled refrigeration system with refrigerant side economizer


  • Physical- "Man trap" entry
  • Human- 24x7 security guards
  • Electronic- CCTV and Recorders
  • Motion Detection
  • Fiber Vault

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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Flexible and Scalable

"Working with QTS has been an efficient and proactive process. Two-way communication enabled us to tackle the complexities of transitioning a data center while maintaining momentum."

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