QTS® Switchboard

Introducing QTS® Switchboard, our fully-automated software-defined interconnection platform that connects you to our ecosystem of data centers, carriers and public clouds in minutes.

Powered by our digitized API-driven Service Delivery Platform, QTS® Switchboard enables seamless, self-service provisioning to a multitude of destinations, from a single dedicated port.

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One Port. Many Destinations. 

Our differentiated one port to many destination approach enables seamless provisioning of multiple virtual connections for a variety of use cases from one dedicated QTS® Switchboard port, in minutes.


Rapid interconnection between customers within a QTS data center


Connects two QTS data centers within a metropolitan area

Carrier Hotel

Connect from a QTS data center to local carrier hotels


Connect to other QTS mega data centers in key markets


Seamless connection from a QTS data center to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

AWS, Google, and Azure logos in clouds

Connect to the Cloud in Minutes

QTS® Switchboard seamlessly integrates into AWS, Azure and Google platforms so you can deploy on-demand, on a single invoice.

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Connect More. Save More.

Removing traditional procurement, configuration and provisioning processes creates immediate and substantial time and cost savings. With QTS® Switchboard, the more connections you create on a single port, the more optimized and cost-effect the solution.