Data Center Solutions for the Financial Industry

A secure and compliant data center marketplace for your expanding financial ecosystem

How We Serve the Financial Sector

More than 200 financial services firms, including three of the world's largest banks and dozens of publicly traded financial firms all colocate their critical IT systems in our data centers. Here, they access QTS' financial marketplace that facilitates partnerships and connections across digital platforms where we offer compliant and reliable data centers for financial services. QTS data centers leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time data transparency, access and control of infrastructure and operational and business systems on-demand. Our secure, compliant and reliable data centers ensure your needs are met with a full range of market and regulatory requirements. QTS' resilient data centers offer industry-leading IT for financial services delivering faster and more efficient recovery capabilities than any other provider. 

Banking & Credit Unions

Reduce the risk and cost of on-premise infrastructure while meeting customer demands for performance and maintaining competitive advantage.

Money Managers & Traders

Ultra low-latency connectivity solutions in key financial centers

Electronic Payments

Our carrier-neutral connectivity and flexible hybrid colocation services are tailor-made to support electronic payment firms, retail banks and service providers and enable you to quickly scale connectivity, storage and computing capacity.

Why QTS Data Centers for the Financial Industry

Get into a more cost-effective, secure and compliant solution built from the ground up to serve the highest standards in the financial services industry.

Financial Compliance

Our approach to compliance reduces complexity and workload. We are committed to protecting our customers' confidential business data as your needs grow and change.

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Certified and Accredited

We are among the first colocation providers to offer critical compliance certifications and accreditations for SOC 2, HITRUST, PCI DSS, FISMA, ISO 27001 and more.

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Service Delivery Platform

Real-time visibility, access and dynamic control of cirtical metrics across financial IT environments from a single platform.

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Connecting & Protecting Digital Business is What We Do

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the financial services industry. Pressure to address market complexities, security and compliance are matched only by the need to improve IT performance and reduce operational costs. QTS' carrier-neutral data centers connect and protect the critical digital assets of global financial services firms in the world's top financial centers.

QTS has the facilities, people and expertise to partner with you.

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