Gaming Solutions

High power density and robust connectivity ecosystem ideal for the gaming industry

How we serve the Gaming industry

Some of the world’s largest gaming platforms, including global leaders with 100 million users, benefit from QTS’ expertise in high-density, software-defined data center and colocation solutions tailored to the exacting demands of the gaming industry. QTS’ high-touch collaborative approach helps gaming companies stay ahead of the market by providing a viable, high quality gaming experience for next-generation gaming platforms.

Proven High Density Ecosystem

Gaming organizations are choosing QTS for its proven ability to meet increasingly complex requirements for capacity, power density, connectivity, and proximity to gamers. From casino games, to sports betting, to mobile platforms and in-home consoles, QTS’ gaming ecosystem leverages software-defined networking and automation technologies that support gaming companies’ interest in developing ubiquitous platforms for any user form factor to ensure consistent experience.

Explosive Industry Growth

The gaming industry is expanding rapidly with new products and technologies and is forecast to be a $165 billion market in 2020. Platforms ranging from Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Blade, and a variety of up-and-comers serve an estimated 2.6 billion active gamers.In 2020, console gaming, massive multiplayer online, mobile and streaming will continue to lead, and the promise of 5G may have the greatest impact as it is expected to allow cloud-based gaming to shed many of its technical constraints.

Proximity = Performance 

High-performance, low-latency solutions ensure delivery of games to consoles and mobile devices with minimal lag time and the best possible experience for gamers.


Mega data centers in 8 of the top 10 population centers ensure proximity to networks and low latency connectivity to millions of gamers


QTS has achieved 99.999 percent or greater uptime across it's entire portfolio of world-class data center facilities each year since 2010.

Rapid Integration

Relationships with gaming companies, mobile platforms, and CDNs enables rapid integration of hosted gaming services and complementary technologies. 

We deliver the fastest, most reliable and highest performance gaming experience.

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Scale Matters

QTS' international platform of 26 data centers encompasses 7 million square feet, 650+ megawatts of critical power deployed and delivers key differentiators for gaming. 

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

SDP disperses data production and computing closer to end users to lower latency, improve performance, and optimize their gaming experience. 


High-density required for GPU intensive gaming applications living in the cloud.

200+ Networks

Access to 200+ networks including software-defined direct connections to the world’s largest cloud platforms e.g. AWS, Microsoft, Google, and others.

The success of our business is dependent on a high-density, hybrid colocation hosting environment required for graphics processing unit (GPU) intensive applications living in the cloud. Performance, speed, and reliability are critical, but just as important is QTS’ collaborative customer support system that we rely on every day. Their leading NPS score is warranted by their unrelenting focus on ensuring customer success. They are a strategic member of our IT team and we look forward to a long term partnership. Stéphane Héliot | Blade Co-Founder
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