Simply and efficiently host and move workloads between AWS and dedicated colocation in compliant, state-of-the-art QTS data centers.

CloudRamp® is a pre-built colocation solution preconfigured for AWS connectivity that is easy to order and quick to deploy from the AWS Marketplace.

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cloud ready colo, on-demand

Fully-integrated hybrid solution includes dedicated cabinet with space and redundant power, connectivity to AWS cloud and monthly service hours.

Use Case: Short-Term Colo

Learn how CloudRamp can meet immediate needs for short-term colocation with AWS connectivity.

Use Case: IOT

Learn how this enterprise used CloudRamp to integrate public cloud with colocation to support latency-sensitive IOT applications.

Quick Ordering Guide

Learn how easy it is to order and deploy QTS CloudRamp.

What if you could get to cloud quicker?

Exclusively available on AWS Marketplace

CloudRamp is easy to order and quick to deploy with month-to-month terms.