Service Delivery Platform™

why it matters

SDP provides data center insights, including information about your power and water consumption within the Sustainability Dashboard. 

What Can SDP Do For YOu?

SDP is an Award-Winning Colocation Orchestration Platform.

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Data Transparency

Our approach to data transparency is unique; we provide every customer with data sets relevant to their environment as we see them ourselves - in real time.

Real-Time Telemetry

Anytime access to critical infrastructure metrics including power draw of racks and sensor readings of data halls; and new infrastructure-level visibility into the electrical and mechanical hierarchies that provide redundancy to your environment.

Oversight and Control of your Deployments

We've integrated badging systems so you always have visibility into who is at the data center and when and where badges have been scanned. Self-service custom badge and visitor reports.

Digitally Connect to your Environment

Our new family of smart management services make it easy to operate your data center space from anywhere and from any device. See how this trio of intelligent, digital apps use advanced technologies to keep your deployment operating precisely as you desire.

Smart Family Remote Management Solutions

SDP Apps & Capabilities

Every customer receives access to our award-winning self-service platform. Comprised of a suite of digital and visualization apps, SDP provides 20/20 vision into the most crucial areas of your environment with pre-emptive insights and intelligent predictions for efficiencies and optimization.