Service Delivery Platform™

why it matters

Securely operate, optimize and connect your QTS environments from a single pane of glass.

Maximize your data's potential

SDP is an Award-Winning Colocation Orchestration Platform.

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Data Transparency

Our approach to data transparency is unique; we provide data sets relevant to their environment as we see them ourselves - in real time.

Data Insights

Be informed as environmental thresholds approach. View power and sensor trends to identify where issues may be developing before they arise.

Secure Identify & Access

Maintain oversight of SDP users, contractors and visitors securely. See who's on site, readers scanned and self-service security reports.

Digital Access

Leverage remote management tools to see who's in your dedicated space; perform testing and troubleshooting on network gear.

Smart Family Remote Management Solutions

SDP Apps & Capabilities

Every customer receives access to our award-winning self-service platform. Comprised of a suite of digital and visualization apps, SDP provides 20/20 vision into the most crucial areas of your environment with pre-emptive insights and intelligent predictions for efficiencies and optimization.