Partner Referral Rewards 

A referral is the ultimate endorsement of our company and we want to reward your effort to spread the word about QTS.

The QTS Partner Referral Rewards Program is designed to provide an incentive for individuals to refer deals to QTS. Our objective is to broaden our market coverage by having individuals that know QTS identify opportunities and be rewarded for their efforts. Specifically, QTS will pay referring individuals 2% of the total contract value for deals that close. All you need to do is register leads through the form on this page, accept the referenced terms, and that's it.

Enter Referral Information

Terms and conditions

By accepting the terms, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

In order to receive a referral payment, all leads must be registered by you and accepted by QTS. all registered and accepted leads will be valid for the six (6) months following the submission. payment will not be made on deals closed following such six (6) month period unless you have validly resubmitted the lead.

You will receive a one-time referral payment equal to two percent (2%) of the total contract value for each registered lead that becomes a QTS customer. payment will become due two (2) months after QTS has received the QTS customer's payment for the first month of services. in order to receive the referral payment, you must provide QTS with a completed w-9. upon delivery of the referral payment, QTS will have satisfied its obligations to you and no other payments, obligations or liabilities of any kind will be due.

In the event that the lead is related to any of the following, you must contact QTS to separately negotiate the referral payment: 1) customer contracts for metered power; 2) the customer contracts for space in excess of 2,000 square feet; or 3) customer contracts for power at 250kw or above. for the avoidance of doubt, QTS will not make a payment for any of customer contracts listed in this paragraph without a separately negotiated fee agreement.