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Hosted Private Cloud

Dedicated infrastructure to meet your specific needs

Hosted Private Cloud

Applications and workloads not suited for the public cloud may need a dedicated environment. QTS offers the efficiency of the public cloud with predictable monthly costs and no upfront capital investment. QTS Hosted Private Cloud, built on the Nutanix platform, provides a dedicated environment so you can run any application mix, at any scale, on a single platform.

Because we understand the reality of a multi-cloud environment, our Hosted Private Cloud offers a consolidated view of public and private cloud assets. QTS’ Hosted Private Cloud uses a hyperconverged infrastructure to combine compute, storage, and networking to minimize compatibility issues and simplify management through the hypervisor.


  • Simple and rapid onboarding
  • Non-disruptive upgrades to the software platform
  • Optimal performance for critical applications and multiple workloads
  • No single point of failure

Managed Backup

QTS’ Managed Backup protects virtual workloads, databases, and primary storage within your Hosted Private Cloud environment. We protect your sensitive information from corruption, compromise or loss by making a copy at regular intervals to a protected storage target. QTS can also provide a Managed Backup solution that includes Long-Term Retention (LTR) and cloud archival to AWS.

Security Services

For your Hosted Private Cloud environment, QTS offers Intrusion Detection Services (IDS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Log Management to give you a multi-layer approach to security. Security Services powered by Alert Logic gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage the security of your environment SIEMless with the support of a world-class SOC.

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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