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QTS and AWS - Bridging the Gap with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

QTS and AWS have formed a strategic partnership to bring hybrid cloud solutions to AWS customers needing dedicated colocation that communicates with their AWS cloud, quickly. The partnership bridges the gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud, enabling AWS users to simply and efficiently move workloads not ready for public cloud or host applications best suited for a dedicated environment in state-of-the-art QTS facilities.

QTS CloudRamp is a the first of its kind move-in ready colocation that is prebuilt and preconfigured for AWS Direct Connect, accelerating your provisioning timeline from months to days. Exclusively available on the AWS Marketplace, it is the first colocation offering available on the AWS Marketplace and the first prebuilt colocation solution to offer month-to-month billing in the industry.

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For AWS customers needing customized solutions, QTS and AWS will collaborate with clients to design tailored cloud-ready colocation solutions with connectivity to your AWS Direct Connect.

QTS is a strategic AWS Partner for Colocation, an Advanced Partner network (APN) Consulting Partner, AWS Direct Connect Partner and holds over 250 AWS certifications and accreditations. QTS experts continue to bring you solutions that optimize and fully-integrate with your AWS environments, including Managed AWS and AWS Direct Connect.

Explore QTS’ portfolio of purpose-built AWS solutions.