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Hybrid IT

Navigate your Hybrid IT journey with QTS

As the Role of Data Expands, IT Strategies Evolve

CIOs are engaging with more complex IT. As infrastructures continue to expand and sprawl across multiple facilities and cloud models, IT decision makers are looking for more advanced management and monitoring support. Data centers are best positioned to support IT decision makers’ hybrid objectives, providing valuable expertise, experience and resources as companies decide where they will host their IT infrastructure and who will manage it.

More Than Just Hybrid Cloud - The Move to Hybrid IT

In addition to diversifying their cloud utilization, CIOs are diversifying their entire IT infrastructure and how they manage and maintain that infrastructure. When enterprise IT infrastructure solutions are engaging a combination of both cloud and on premise technologies, as well as both in-house and third-party personnel, this is commonly referred to as Hybrid IT. Data center providers are answering the growing utilization of the hybrid IT model with solutions designed to enable diversification while decreasing complexity. Hybrid IT solutions help enterprises balance the need for economy and agility with their need for performance and availability.

Hybrid IT - where IT is going

Building an integrated solutions platform doesn’t happen overnight. At QTS, our commitment to offering agile, flexible and smart solutions has driven our efforts to build a fully-integrated portfolio of industry-leading services since 2003. We’re committed to serving our customers at every point of their hybrid IT journey and building long-term partnerships. As our customers move more of their infrastructure into the hybrid IT model, we provide invaluable guidance, expertise and support when augmenting their in-house resources, compute and network capabilities.

QTS offers the nation’s only fully-integrated technology services platform. This integration means our customers get more value out of their IT solutions. Fully-integrated solutions offer the flexibility needed when building a true hybrid IT strategy and scalability that enables your solutions to evolve as your data needs grow. Furthermore, our fully-integrated services platform is built on industry-leading security and compliance designed to offer maximum performance and peace of mind. At QTS, we’re committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure and unceasing service and support.

  • QTS Custom Data Center and Colocation solutions All the flexibility you need to quickly expand within a stable, secure environment and to enable easy migration to our cloud solutions.
  • QTS Enterprise Cloud, Government Cloud and Private Cloud solutions Cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate with your on-premises and hosted environments, which improves your IT agility and flexibility.
  • QTS Hosting and Managed Services solutions - Get just what you need, from a fully managed virtual infrastructure to stand-alone services that can be added to your existing infrastructure.
  • QTS delivers an industry-leading portfolio of federally compliant hybrid solutions, purpose-built to help agencies modernize legacy systems. Our best-in-class offerings, from JAB-approved FedRAMP cloud to managed services, along with a strong track record of past performance make QTS the right choice to meet your agency’s mission.  

Fully Integrated Platform

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


Custom solutions for hybrid environments


Security and compliance is top priority


24x7x365 support from team of experts

"QTS has consistently provided valuable hosting services and exceptional client care since the early stages of our partnership. We chose QTS because of their dedication to providing highly secure solutions that suit our company’s needs"

Jim Lavine

Vice President
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