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Enterprise Solutions

QTS has developed Custom Data Center services to assist enterprise clients that might otherwise consider building or buying their own data center.

Enterprise Solutions

Building, managing and maintaining a data center is challenging, even more so when that data center is dedicated to a single tenant. QTS has developed our Custom Data Center services to assist enterprise clients that might otherwise consider building or buying their own data center. 

Our Data Center in a Data Center solution offers enterprise clients means to speed time to market, reduce capital requirements, mitigate implementation and operational risks and offload support and maintenance requirements without sacrificing or compromising on key requirements.

QTS has established an entire team dedicated to working with enterprise clients to understand, design and support Custom Data Center Solutions. All of these individuals bring a wealth of experience understanding technical requirements, crafting custom configurations and establishing lease arrangements that enterprise customer expect and demand.

Leverage our investments, infrastructure, experience and expertise to deploy your data center infrastructure more quickly, more cost effectively and with greater reliability. 

The Scale and Flexibility You Need, Without the Risk

With access to capital and liquidity becoming more of an issue for companies than ever before, it doesn't make sense to consume financial resources building a data center that may just as easily go underutilized as be outgrown as your business scales. You have enough challenges:  

  • Accelerating application demands continue to drive expanding requirements on IT infrastructure and performance requirements despite overarching need to reduce costs
  • Managing growth across your IT infrastructure and operations in a way that allows you to continue to meet your business requirements and objectives knowing that inability to scale may limit efficiency, and as a result, impact the performance of the infrastructure and applications
  • Maximizing asset utilization and spend efficiency to avoid wasted resources and ensuring the best possible ROI on your infrastructure and financial performance of your business

QTS Custom Data Center Services can be configured to meet your requirements, without exposing you to the risks and challenges of buying, building and operating your own facility. Frankly, efficiency and economies of scale benefit the larger megawatt deployments of data center service providers (without even considering the operational efficiencies of consolidating monitoring, maintenance and support in a large multi-tenant facility). Why use your capital and resources rather than leveraging the efficiency of a data center provider, like QTS?

Ensure your solution allows you to easily and effectively scale your infrastructure as requirements dictate. QTS' scale allows you to be nimble, always having the opportunity to make the right decision for your infrastructure, whether involving footprint, technology or geography.

The QTS Custom Data Center Solution

Faster implementation times, flexible capacity and inherent ability to scale infrastructure to meet current business needs without exposure to risks and costs of investing your own capital. Supported with PowerBank and PowerFlex options, QTS Custom Data Center provides exactly what you need, without locking you into paying for infrastructure you're not using. Our promise of Data Solved means you can have confidence, trust and peace of mind knowing that QTS has your technology and infrastructure needs in their hands.

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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