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Streamline IT operations and protect data for improved patient care with HIPAA-compliant solutions

Healthcare Solutions

In the relentless demand to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, the role of medical information systems has taken on unprecedented importance. Healthcare organizations are facing ever-evolving compliance standards and increasingly complex security needs to help manage and protect patient data.

QTS Healthcare Solutions can help. Our specialized team of healthcare data experts can show you how to reduce capital expenses while improving your data security and access. From HIPAA / HITECH compliance to our state-of-the-art mega data centers, we have the experience and technology to help healthcare organizations streamline IT operations and protect healthcare data so you can focus on improving the health of patients.

Data protection
The availability and reliability of patient data can be a matter of life or death. That’s why the healthcare industry relies on our integrated HIPAA-compliant solutions that protect your data and ensure 24x7x365 availability.  

Cost management
The myriad of legacy networks that modern hospitals manage is an increasingly complex and expensive responsibility. Coordinating this management takes significant expenditures and in-house expertise. That’s why healthcare organizations are increasingly outsourcing this critical function. QTS helps healthcare IT leaders manage stringent security requirements while reducing CAPEX and ensuring easy scalability.  

Business continuity
When it comes to storing patient data, healthcare organizations need a safe haven for regulated EHR and EPHI data. Our national footprint of premium data centers protect and secure sensitive healthcare data across multiple, geographically distributed locations while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements. Guarantee availability with our configurable, flexible solutions that meet your space and power needs.  

More and more healthcare organizations are harnessing the agility and efficiency benefits of cloud services without compromising data security. At QTS, our HIPAA compliant cloud services provide the stringent requirements for security for healthcare data with the high performance, availability and reliability standards needed to support your mission-critical applications.

HIPAA compliance
Of all consumer data, patient data is the most precious. Protecting it is getting more complex – and meeting mandated compliance standards is getting more difficult and expensive. That’s why more and more healthcare organizations trust QTS. Our HIPAA / HITECH compliant platforms are safeguarded 24x7x365 by impregnable physical defenses and two-factor authenticated logical security.  

"The attention to detail and infrastructure redundancy in QTS’ facilities were very attractive to WellStar’s cross-functional site evaluation team. The multiple security systems in place provided an appropriate level of comfort that our data will be protected, an essential element for any healthcare IT location."

Jon Morris, MD

Senior VP and CIO
Wellstar Health System

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