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IT and Digital Media Solutions

QTS delivers the core infrastructure services digital media providers need to reduce waste and cost while keeping data safe.

IT & Digital Media Solutions

In fastā€moving cloud and mobile environments where development and delivery speed is everything, DevOps professionals and enterprises in the digital ecosystem need partners that can meet significant global demands and short timeframes. 

Likewise, enterprises in the digital ecosystem must deliver their websites and applications to a demanding global audience – a task that comes with its fair share of challenges. Regardless of geography, today’s Internet users require a high-quality online experience on a variety of devices – from computers, to tablets and mobile phones. That means content providers, digital retailers and all digital media companies need to ensure consistent uptime and fast speeds around the clock; anything less jeopardizes revenue growth. On top of that, digital companies need to be prepared to handle the peaks of usage without wasting resources, even in the face of often unpredictable traffic patterns and computing demands.  

With fully integrated networking capabilities and a variety of solution offerings, QTS delivers the core infrastructure services digital media providers need to reduce waste and cost while keeping data safe. 

Our global network of data centers provides a redundant, robust and dependable platform – ideal for workloads that demand high performance, high transaction volumes and low latency while processing vast amounts of data reliably and cost-effectively. 

QTS is a leading cloud service provider with extensive experience managing scalable and secure IT infrastructure and security services supported by advanced and powerful technology platforms. 

QTS's innovative data center facilities provide unparalleled security and compliance for digital companies seeking innovative infrastructure solutions with 24x7x365 global support. 

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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