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Data Security

Securely protect data against unauthorized intrusion

Data Security

No organization is immune to the threat of a security breach. Hackers continually find ways to break into systems and steal highly sensitive or confidential information including patient electronic records and government classified documents. Implementing data encryption is an essential and effective safeguard to protect your data and your organization’s reputation from unauthorized intrusion.

QTS Data Security provides a compliant and scalable data encryption solution without re-engineering your application, database or infrastructure. Our robust encryption solution enables you to secure sensitive data and coordinate security measures across various systems and devices. We achieve this by deploying Vormetric's state-of-the art transparent encryption technology where key management operations are centralized and efficient.

  • Operational Efficiency - Continuous availability, secure storage and inventory of certificates and encryption keys
  • Compliant – Complies with stringent healthcare and federal mandates around encryption, least privileged access, monitoring and encryption key management
  • Limits Risk - Stops root, system, cloud, storage and other administrators from accessing data while preserving the ability to perform their day-to-day administrative responsibilities
  • Scalable - Easily expands protecting data as new business requirements arise across physical, virtual, cloud or big data environments
  • Transparent Deployment - No development or changes required to user experience, applications and infrastructure

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


Flexible and Scalable


Compliant coverage across HIPAA, PCI-DSS and others


24x7x365 support provides continuous protection

"QTS has consistently provided valuable hosting services and exceptional client care since the early stages of our partnership. We chose QTS because of their dedication to providing highly secure solutions that suit our company’s needs"

Jim Lavine

Vice President
Carrier Operations and Integration - ItsOn