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Data Center Professional Services

Whether you need implementation, design or delivery assistance, QTS has expert resources ready to assist.

Data Center Professional Services

Because success of your IT and web infrastructure requires more than just the best facilities and support, QTS complements our core offering with additional services to assist implementation and delivery of key content. Whether you need implementation, design or delivery assistance, QTS has expert resources ready to assist.

Companies are increasingly looking for third-party expertise to support their mission-critical Web infrastructures, applications, and processes to allow them to focus valuable IT resources on core business activities. QTS can design, build, and maintain your Web-based IT infrastructure, so your internal IT resources are free to focus on other priorities.

However you might need to augment your resources, our certified engineers and operations experts can support your efforts on short-term projects or long-term program management. Let QTS Data Center Professional Services help you maximize the performance and value of your web infrastructure and data center operations.


QTS is the nation’s only fully-integrated data center, managed hosting and cloud services company that relies on people first to provide advice, technology and infrastructure assistance. Whether you are looking for design, development, implementation support or simply best practices consulting, our skilled professionals can assist with the planning, build or integration efforts related to any of the areas listed below:

  • Data center migration
  • Space utilization and power configuration
  • Network design and architecture
  • Backup and Storage systems design and validation
  • Security and Access controls
  • Systems and Application configuration and interoperability
  • Program and Project Management

Migration Services

Data center migrations are risky and disruption is a real possibility that you must work to avoid.  At QTS, we take our migration planning very seriously. We strive to anticipate as many problems as possible, so we can plan and control activities designed to mitigate risk. In addition, we understand the complexity of a data center move and tailor your move to your exact requirements. Whether your migration involves a physical move, expansion or consolidation, QTS migration services will work to ensure a seamless and trouble-free move. 

  • QTS certified project managers carefully plan and execute your move based on your exact requirements
  • Phased migration options are available to control cost and reduce risk
  • Comprehensive planning and coordination between your technical team, vendors and QTS ensures a successful transition

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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"Working with QTS has been an efficient and proactive process. Two-way communication enabled us to tackle the complexities of transitioning a data center while maintaining momentum."

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