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QTS Sustainability


Efficiency strategy that utilizes reused and recycled materials, maximizes water conservation and improves energy savings.


At QTS, we understand that being a good environmental steward takes much more than just a simple initiative. That’s why we have focused our efforts on developing a company-wide approach – one that utilizes reused and recycled materials, maximizes water conservation and improves energy savings.

Our initiatives:

Industry-leading solutions in containment and PUE metric products

QTS is committed to minimizing the data center carbon imprint and utilizing as much renewable fuel as possible by implementing a 3-pronged sustainability approach.

QTS Data Centers Building Recycle

1. Develop and Recycle Buildings

Part of our data center sustainability strategy is reusing brownfield properties and transforming them into state-of-the-art data centers. In addition, our development and recycling efforts have included:

  • The reuse or recycling of over 18 million pounds of industrial materials as part of our development process
  • LEED certification at two QTS data centers; QTS Atlanta-Metro Phase II and QTS Richmond Data Center 1
  • Our Dallas-Fort Worth facility was designed to LEED standards
QTS Data Centers Water Conservation

2. Water Conservation

With a large data center comes a big roof that is capable of harvesting rainwater. We collect millions of gallons of water using a harvesting system on a portion of the roof. In addition to our collected rainwater, our water conservation efforts include:

  • Outside air used to reduce cooling load when possible
  • Water-side economizers
  • Reuse of water from humidifiers and sand filters
  • Recycled more than 28 million gallons of water
  • Water efficient fixtures used throughout our facilities
QTS Data Centers Energy Efficiency

3. Energy Efficiency

As a data center provider, cooling is a critical part of our job and is approximately 30% of the electricity load at the data center. To help reduce our footprint and combat this high percentage of electricity, QTS has implemented the following:

  • Energy Star Program in all facilities
  • Blanking panels save more than 4 million kWh annually (Standardized use in all facilities)
  • Active patent pending with the US Patent Office for air cooling design
  • Variable Frequency Drives lower fan speeds to make CRAC run efficiently
  • Time and motion sensors and use of energy efficient lighting
  • Annual participation in the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps program

The QTS Difference

With the data center world evolving rapidly, QTS is committed to providing hardened, redundant infrastructure, flexible, scalable solutions and unceasing service and support.


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