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Terms and Conditions - DRaaS

DRaaS at No Charge

  • Offer available at the following QTS data center locations: SUW, Dallas and SJC
  • Requires 36 month contract
  • One-time non-recurring service set up fee will be billed on the customer’s March, 2017 invoice
  • Customer will not be charged for QTS DRaaS until March, 2017 billing cycle; all related service charges will be billed accordingly beginning March 1, 2017
  • 20% off Hybrid Connectivity (crossConnect, metroConnect and datacenterConnect) standard rates for entire term/life of contract
  • Not to be combined with any other QTS promotions, including C2 “Hands Off Colo”
  • Any deviation from published promotion requires approval from Sales Leadership
  • Subject to availability
  • Contract must be signed and approved by December 31, 2016
  • Quotes that will be created in December will have a December 31 expiration date, and will not be valid past this date. The standard 30 day expiration language will be changed for December quotes