A Data Center Christmas Carol

‘Twas the day before Christmas, with everyone ready for the holiday
Your IT team is stressing, wondering who will have to stay;
Hardware needs monitoring and environments must be scanned,
Unfortunately, holiday shifts are part of your current disaster recovery plan.

But the CIO has a surprise,
a Christmas gift for everyone
The company has partnered with QTS,
so no one will miss the holiday fun.

QTS DRaaS provides near-continuous replication,
Reducing complexity with seamless installation.
Enjoy expert support with tunable resources,
And enterprise-grade solutions,
To protect against disruptive forces.

QTS Managed Services has solutions to monitor, manage and secure
Including Managed Network, Managed Security and Hardware Assure.
The industry’s best engineers and technicians are there to provide peace of mind.
Ensuring your data goals and IT support align.

The IT team is excited, technicians begin to cheer.
QTS is known for their data solutions
And everyone’s worries have now disappeared.

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