Autonomous Cars Drive Hyperscale Landscape Forward

Self-driving cars are no longer a figment of the futuristic imagination: they have arrived. I recently had the good fortune of seeing a couple of units in road tests in California and it was nothing short of amazing. While they are still in their infancy, I couldn’t help but feel our industry is preparing for yet another massive disruption after that brief encounter. The impact these autonomous vehicles will have on data center infrastructure and capacity will be substantial. These cars, which would make George Jetson proud, will have the capacity to add nearly 40 terabytes of data a day to the IT landscape.

According to NetworkWorld.com, autonomous vehicles will churn out 4,000 GB for every hour of driving. Compare that to the average amount of data created through video, chat and other personal internet activities, 650 MB, and it’s evident why IT decision makers are working around the clock to prepare. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich called the data associated with these vehicles as “the next oil.”

To give a little perspective, for the past five years we have experienced a data center boom; a massive arms race to add capacity to support our voracious appetite for data, cloud services, and mobile experiences. Hundreds of megawatts and thousands upon thousands of square feet of data center capacity have been added to keep up with demand. Now an autonomous car comes along and can do 150 times what a phone do? That kind of growth is going to require data center and infrastructure that can hyperscale.

This massive volume increase will not only require tremendous space (where all of this data will live), it will also require unprecedented levels of connectivity, automation, management and protection. That’s where innovating the data center comes in. It takes time and capital to build a state-of-the-art data center that meets the needs of the current market. What has to change to handle today and plan for tomorrow?

I will continue to explore this question throughout this hyperscale blog series. Join me as I dive deep into how QTS is innovating for our hyperscale future. We believe our data centers must continue to evolve if we are to build a product that meets the next set of disrupting requirements. The mandate is clear, build them bigger, faster, more reliable and with less expense than today buildings. Make them more flexible, more connected, all while reducing complexity.

That doesn’t sound hard at all. So, let’s get started, next up rethinking the base building…

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