Cisco’s Intercloud – A Great Fit with QTS’ Cloud Services Strategy

Since “cloud” became a household buzzword, our industry has learned many important lessons.  Among them, these might be the Top 3 Lessons Service Providers Have Learned about Cloud:

1.      “Cloud” means a lot of things – i.e.:

choice and flexibility - Good

lock-in - Bad

2.      Enterprise clients want solutions to their business problems (revenue growth, cost savings, speed, compliance, visibility) – while important, they care less about bells and whistles, “drag and drop,” proprietary technologies, etc.

3.      Cloud adoption is growing exponentially and is a tremendous opportunity – yet security, integration and performance risks are still very real. 

For these reasons and others, enterprises are not always convinced that the public cloud is always the right answer for them.  There must be a better way. At QTS, we couldn’t agree more!  Here are a few basic principles in our go-to-market philosophy:

  • We believe clients should be able to obtain the same trusted capabilities they would deploy in their own data centers
  • Compliance needs not be a mystery, and security controls/roles/responsibilities can (and should) be well-defined even in cloud models
  • Hybrid integration not only helps you today, but also helps you evolve to your future state architecture

That is why we have deployed our IaaS solutions on our trusted stack, which builds upon our Cisco Powered IaaS foundation. Since our IaaS service is Cisco Powered, extension into the Cisco Intercloud is natural.  The Intercloud is a globally, connected network of clouds fromCisco and its partners that gives our customers the choice of services where and when they need them. It also gives customers control of the security of their services and assures compliance to local and global regulations. This ensures alignment with our customer base and their cloud and hosting strategies.

By being a part of Cisco’s Intercloud ecosystem, QTS is able to deliver:

Security & Compliance – We can address customers’ top concerns for security, data sovereignty, and regulatory compliance, and extend these capabilities across a client’s national or global footprint
High Performance – We can offer capabilities to match workload requirements and deliver upon our SLA commitments
Differentiated Services – We can more easily and quickly offer validated services that are interoperable with our clients’ environments
Automation and Efficiency -- Cisco’s toolset and reference architectures enables us to move more quickly and drive down operational costs, which results in savings we can pass on directly to our clients.
Roadmap for the Future – Cisco’s Intercloud vision offers choice and an array of emerging capabilities so that we can continue focusing on delivering the best service to our clients