Connectivity Should Be Customized, Not One-Size-Fits-All

Today, connectivity is more than a tech term. It’s a vital part of any business strategy. Even more, it’s a part of our lives as consumers. In our increasingly digital world, connectivity is at the heart of how we interact with each other in commercial, professional and personal settings. It is the foundation for vital security, healthcare and financial communications and is driving a more interconnected world.

While some connectivity needs, like reliability and scalability, remain constant, other requirements vary depending on industry, size, location and regulatory standards. IT decision makers are looking to design connectivity strategies built on best-of-breed technologies in a carrier-neutral environment.  

At QTS we’ve designed a robust portfolio of connectivity solutions, each designed to meet a distinct set of need:

internetConnect with Anti-DDoS

This solution provides a highly reliable, secure connection purposely designed with diversity and redundancy. With QTS internetConnect you can blend dedicated internet services over at least 2 Carriers, delivering a reliable, resilient and flexible connection over the internet. 


When connecting employees, customers and partners to your applications, you’ll want a way to make sure your connectivity solution follows a consistent path and runs with low latency. You’ll enjoy all of this and more with ethernetConnect, plus the ability to scale your bandwidth up and down as you need.


With more IT decision makers migrating their mission-critical data to the cloud, a reliable and secure connection to their environment is vital. QTS cloudConnect is an alternative solution to IP VPN and provides a private, point-to-point connection from your cloud or colocation space to a single public cloud provider.


With  data centerConnect you get a secure, scalable bandwidth connection between two or more client environments located within different QTS facilities. This solution allows you to connect multiple sites and is supported by end-to-end expert management.


This solution is designed specifically to provide fast, reliable, dedicated connections to the local carrier hotel through a virtual Meet-Me-Room (MMR). QTS offers a carrier-neutral model that supports your connectivity redundancy, business continuity and collaborative application needs.


This solution offers connectivity between your rack, cabinet, cage or suite and in-building carriers inside of the facility. QTS installs the copper or fiber runs for this connection and manages it 24x7x365.


The hallmarks of this solution are immense capacity and density needed to support a variety of applications and carrier-neutral connectivity. Available at QTS Chicago (coming soon to QTS Atlanta facilities), this connection provides low latency, high availability and fully-managed support. 

AWS Direct Connect (Chicago)

With Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect, QTS has further expanded its hybrid IT solutions leveraging the benefits of both public and private cloud. This solution lets you establish a dedicated network connection between your infrastructure and the AWS Direct Connect location in the QTS Chicago Data Center.

QTS recognizes that robust carrier-neutral connectivity is a key component of any data center solution. Learn more about our portfolio of solutions here and contact us today to make sure your connectivity can support your IT needs today and tomorrow.