Customer Service and Beyond

Anyone who has worked with QTS, from our partners to customers, will tell you that what sets us apart from our competitors is our people. All of our products, services and facilities are “powered by people” and we take that commitment very seriously.

After joining the QTS team in August, QTS Chief People Officer Steve Bloom immediately noticed a passion for customer service and a “do whatever it takes” attitude to helping our customers achieve their business and data goals.

“Customer service is a hallmark of our culture,” he said. “Our coworkers and customers are our family. We take that familial concern into the relationships we have with customers and work to connect with them on a personal level. We empower our team to think outside the box and anticipate customers’ needs.”

Every QTS team member is committed to the team as a whole and works hard to support each other in achieving success. There’s no greater testament to this strong team dynamic than this story from one of our Atlanta data centers. Four of our employees at the Operations Service Center have carpooled to work every day for four years. Recently they said that, in those four years of driving, none of them can recall a time when someone said, “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today.”

We build strong teams at QTS by ensuring that our data center personnel are employees of QTS – within the data center, we don’t use contractors to take care of our customers. And when we fill positions, we place high emphasis on internal referrals. Of course, we want to make sure we have the most skilled team in the industry, but it’s equally important that all of our team members understand and are committed to the QTS culture. That’s what creates the QTS difference: a team that is personally driven to address customer needs, resolve any concerns, and go above and beyond for each of our customers.

One thing you will notice at QTS is that our entire team takes great pride in providing exceptional customer support, creating a self-driven cycle of satisfaction. This desire for an exceptional experience is what drives our industry-leading Net Promoter Score. Every week, we share our most recent NPS results with every employee, along with customer comments. Our teams appreciate and utilize this information every day. While feedback is overwhelmingly positive, we take all feedback as an opportunity to get even better.

As QTS continues to grow, we will maintain our commitment to our customers and their data needs. We want our customers to feel as much like our family as our team members do. To learn more about the QTS difference and how QTS can meet your data center needs, contact us or call 877.QTS.DATA now.