Data Center Security - A 7-Layer Defense

From 2010-2015, the number of data breaches rose nearly 18%. No company or industry is immune to the threat of attack. In their most recent Data Breach Report, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reported 725 data breaches across five industry categories in 2016, with over 29 million records compromised.

As the risk of cyberattack rises and criminals become more sophisticated, data center security is the principal defense against a breach. When choosing a data center partner, businesses should seek providers with industry-leading security solutions that will provide proactive and comprehensive protection for your data.

QTS data center security is built on interconnected components that complement and support each other to build an impenetrable first-line defense. This security net can be characterized by 7 distinct, interlocked layers.

Physical Security
A data center partner should have an advanced physical security program to safeguard your assets against a physical event, from theft to natural disaster. Physical security must share the same level of importance as other forms of security and include multiple levels of defense.

Our data centers utilize these five key physical security solutions:

  • Badge Readers
  • Biometrics Readers
  • IR Beams
  • Cameras
  • KeyWatcher

Internet Security
Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are happening with increasing complexity and frequency. In a DDoS attack, a hacker will take your service offline by flooding it with large levels of traffic. This malicious traffic can be stopped before it reaches your network through an Anti-DDoS service. 

QTS Anti-DDoS service utilizes Arbor Networks and provides real-time internet threat intelligence. Through continuous monitoring and comprehensive coverage against volumetric and application layer attacks, we provide customers with cost-effective, network-based service that can mitigate attacks with up to 1.2Tb of malicious traffic.

Perimeter Security
Your firewall keeps unauthorized intruders out and sensitive, mission-critical data in. It is vital that your data center partner uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when communicating with authorized users outside the network through encryption and remote access.

QTS Managed Network Services include Managed Firewall, a device designed to block unauthorized access while permitting preapproved lines of communication. The firewall can be configured to permit, deny, encrypt and decrypt traffic between security networks based upon a set of rules and custom criteria.

Network Security
Data stored within your IT environment is a valuable target to hackers. Furthermore, compromised mission-critical data can lead to costly, sometimes catastrophic consequences like prolonged downtime, legal liability and financial ramifications. The key to minimizing the potential damage of a breach is the immediate detection of intrusion attempts.

The QTS Network Intrusion Detection System quickly detects and responds to threats through 24x7x365 monitoring of your hybrid IT environment. Our security experts are able to evaluate suspicious network traffic and identify zero-day attacks that otherwise may go undetected before it’s too late.

Systems Security

The ability to track, monitor, review and analyze movements within your IT systems is essential to identifying potential risks, threats and suspicious activity. It also serves as a deterrent to malevolent parties seeking opportunities to gain access to your sensitive data.

QTS Log Management collects, aggregates and normalizes your log data, giving you a single view into all of your IT infrastructure. The ability to automate log collection and search in real time enables easy and scalable security support.

Application Security

When your mission-critical applications incur damage that leads to significant downtime, the effects of that business disruption will ripple for much longer than the actual time you were offline. Web application firewalls (WAFs) analyze incoming traffic and intercept attacks.

WAFs require expert management to be effective. QTS’ dedicated team of experts monitors your environment around-the-clock and utilizes proven WAF technology that adapts to your traffic patterns and offers non-invasive deployment to provide the optimal mix of security and ease of implementation.

Data Security
The last line of defense is compliant and scalable data encryption that enables you to secure sensitive data and coordinate security measures across various systems and devices.
QTS’s state-of-the-art Data Security Solution
 utilizes transparent encryption technology, keeping key management operations centralized and efficient. We provide operationally efficient service, compliance across multiple industries and risk minimization without hindering administrative access.