Data Privacy Day: A Focus on Defending Against Today’s Threats

This week kicked off with National Data Privacy Day and our cybersecurity experts, along with the rest of our team, are proud to raise awareness about how we can all defend our business and personal data from hackers. Our data centers are synonymous with high tech security standards. All of our offices, whether they are inside a data center or not, adhere to strict privacy policies. From the physical security of our location down to the individual laptops our employees use, data privacy is always top-of-mind.

Privacy is in many ways an individual responsibility. Yes, it is true that, as individuals, we depend upon others to ensure the confidentiality of our private information through strong information security programs. However, protecting privacy starts with each of us being responsible and smart with our privacy information.

Oversharing of privacy information is a huge problem in the era of social networking. Each of us needs to understand the role and responsibility we have for safeguarding our own privacy information. Schools, retail stores, churches, hospitals, doctor’s offices, private companies and governments have a large responsibility to ensure the appropriate collection, use and proper safeguarding of privacy data.

Data Privacy Day serves as an important reminder about how the threat landscape is constantly evolving and QTS encourages everyone to re-assess their own individual level of privacy protection and work to improve it year-round.

For more information on #DataPrivacyDay and to access more resources rel="noopener noreferrer" you can visit their website or explore our digital series, Securing for Tomorrow’s Threats.

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Andrew Wild, QTS Chief Information Security Officer