Disaster Dominos: Protecting Your Data in the Event of an Outage

Almost half of all businesses that experience a substantial data loss never recover. QTS’ Disaster Recovery as a Service can help your company prepare for the unexpected and prevent the loss of valuable data. Along with preventing data loss from natural disasters or power outages, our dedicated team of security personnel makes it a top priority that your companies data is safe in secure from hackers or third parties.

David Burns, Vice President of Network Technology appeared on TechEdge on 11Alive News in Atlanta recently to discuss disaster recovery and backup solutions.

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Burns explained how many companies have legacy components in their data systems. Legacy systems can be tricky to started again following a disaster, as evidenced by recent data disruptions at several airlines.

“As a leader in technology, I hope [companies] have a redundancy built in,” Burns said.

A local power outage can create a domino effect that takes your entire system offline. Burns added that having a business continuity or disaster recovery plan can increase protection of your business.

Burns also emphasized that QTS conducts internal and external audits to ensure their security system is strong. “Tiger Teams” frequently do penetration testing on the network, cloud and physical infrastructure to gain insights on were the vulnerabilities of our system are located and what we can do to strengthen them.

QTS data centers have many backup power sources, including battery and generator power to allow systems to be up in running within seconds after a power outage. QTS uses cloud redundancy to easily move customer data from a primary data center in one place and a secondary data center in a geographically diverse location.

For more information about how QTS can provide disaster recovery and backup solutions for your company, visit our website or call us at 877.QTS.DATA.