Employee Spotlight: Byine Dorsey, Senior Implementation Project Manager

Learn more about Byine, how she has handled being a work from home mother of four and her hobbies outside of work!
Name: Byine Nash Dorsey        

Title: Senior Implementation Project Manager

QTS location: Suwanee, GA

Years with QTS: 11 years


What is your favorite part of working for QTS?

My favorite part of working with QTS are the people.QTS is powered by its people and it is our people that take care of our customers. There has not been a moment that I have worked at QTS where the customer did not come first.Our job is to make it pleasurable to do business with QTS and our team truly takes it to heart. The job that we do is reflected in our NPS Scores.Our internal Wing Man awards show the appreciation that we have for one another. Our people are what drives success and a pleasurable business experience.


What is a day in the life of your position like?

I am a member of the TechOps team, Implementation to be specific. As a Senior Implementation Project Manager, our team drives revenue by getting the customer into production – “crossing the finish line” so to speak.I manage project deliverables, time lines and expectations for product delivery.

The tools I use are vital in my success in managing my day.


How are you doing things differently as we continue working from home and not being in the office?

Things are different and I miss being with my QTS family. The bonds I have formed with my peers over the years, I feel like they are my family. I love to catch up with everyone on team meetings via WebEx. Our lives have changed, but we in true fashion have adapted.Working from home has increased my productivity.Eliminating the commute, traffic woes, dashing to and from day care, my time is more effectively used.I sign on. I work. I break, work some more, rinse and repeat. Now that the physical aspect of travel has been temporarily replaced by the virtual work place, it has definitely increased productivity.


How have things been different for you as a working mother in a pandemic?

You should know that in 2020, my husband and I added 4 new additions toour house.We finalized our adoption in June of 2020 via Zoom.My experience has been unusual since I did not know what to truly expect of motherhood, but I knew I had the capacity to love, so I started there. We now have a 4, 6, 8, and 11-year-old. Adopting four has not been easy, nor was it expected to be. However, working from home and the kids being in digital learning, has given me a unique opportunity to truly bond with my children and get to know them intimately.I don’t think the transition would have been as smooth for them or me if it would have been wrought with commuting, school and daycare. I am thankful for Mr. Dorsey who is incredibly patient and very supportive.


What advice do you have for other working mothers who may be struggling to keep a work/life balance?

PLAN. PLAN. PLAN. Planning has been the most important tool with helping manage my household. I plan, plan, plan.Indeed, my career keeps me busy, but adding four kiddos to my schedule became a juggling act.I put my planning skill set to work.I schedule time with my spouse to keep the household running smoothly, keep calendars with doctor appointments, zoom calls and events, created calendars and keep them close at hand.I write down and schedule, EVERYTHING! Do I miss some things sometimes? Sure.That is the human aspect, but planning helps me manage my time more effectively.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to aid and support through established programs such as education, community service, and healthy initiatives. I am a member of Imagyne Me Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to work with underserved communities and young adults to help eliminate poverty, housing disparities, provide real opportunities, navigate solutions to personal and professional development. I am a writer and illustrator.I am working on two children books to be published in the upcoming year. I am 100% team Dorsey.

  • My day begins with checking my calendar for events. I plan my day according to my schedule.
  • I use SalesForce to manage the opportunities that have booked for products sold.
  • I manage my workflow in ServiceNow.
  • Outlook manages communications between customers, vendors and those of the organization.
  • Slack keeps me in tune with all members of the QTS team.Anyone, everywhere are just a few clicks away.
  • My work mobile keeps everyone a phone call away.