Employee Spotlight: Jenna Lewis, Critical Environment Technician

Jenna has only been with QTS for several months but she already stands out as an exceptional worker. Between being at QTS and a mom to her dog, Jenna has so much to share.

Name: Jenna Lewis

Title: Critical Environment Technician

QTS location: Santa Clara, California

Years with QTS: Less than six months (Started Feb 2021)


What is your favorite part of working for QTS?

The people are what really make it for me.  Everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful.  It makes coming into work a lot easier and enjoyable when you get to work with great people. 


What is a day in the life of your position like?

My main role is monitoring plant equipment and conditions to ensure customer load remains supported in an N +1 operating state and responding quickly and efficiently to any abnormal situations that occurs. Everything else tends to vary depending on what big projects there are.  My work day might involve annual maintenance on giant air handling units or performing electric plant operations to tie in new gear or to support the replacement of older equipment. Since I’m still fairly new to the role, my day also involves trying to learn something new each day in order to make myself a better, more competent CET.


What advice would you have for someone looking to work in this industry?

Take courses like Schneider Electric’s Data Center Certified Associate course to get an idea of what a data center does and the basics of how it operates.  Understanding electrical and mechanical plant operations is extremely helpful.  When in doubt about how something works, YouTube always comes in clutch. 


In your experience, how is working for QTS different from other companies?

QTS does a really good job of setting it’s employees up for success in both their professional and personal lives.  For example, not only has QTS found and provided access to helpful platforms like Truist Momentum, but they have taken time to set up training sessions that make it less daunting to use.  Leadership across the board also supports professional growth and development, which makes it much easier to see a future with the company, as opposed to other companies where it is easy to become stuck in the same role for years on end.


What are your summer hobbies outside of work?

I really enjoy just being out in the sun, taking my dog on walks, and playing in the park with him. If I want to stay indoors I tend to read and paint. Since I’m new to the area I’m still having fun doing all of all the touristy things, like visiting San Francisco and going to the beach.