5 Reasons Why it's Good to be in the Data Center Business

The data center is an essential part of today’s business world. Data centers are responsible for running and housing business’ applications that are critical to operations and with the rapid evolution of technology, it’s good to be in the data center business these days. Here are our top five reasons…

1. Data is Growing

With more and more sources collecting more and more data, often in real time, it’s important for companies to be able to successfully store and manage that data. This is where the data center comes in, as most are equipped with the ability to scale resources up, down or out, helping to allow companies to collect, store, analyze and understand significant volumes of data

2. Industries are Moving to the Cloud

As industries, like government agencies and healthcare providers, begin to migrate critical applications to the cloud, they need to make sure their data is stored in a secure and compliant way. Some data centers, like the  IBX Vault, support a full range of compliance standards — including FISMA, DIACAP, FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and SOX — and offer 24/7/365 security.

3. BYOD is on the Rise

As more and more companies begin to adopt a BYOD (Bring Your rel="noopener noreferrer" Own Device1 strategy, (Gartner states that by 2017, more than half of companies will require their employees to supply their own devices on the job1, they are often finding themselves coupling that adoption with the use of applications. This allows the use of secure applications for critical data, which shifts the security of data to the application level. In order for these strategies to succeed, a company’s data is often best trusted to a secure hosting provider, like QTS.

4. Nobody Wants to Own Their Own Data Center Anymore

The data centers are what hold the mission-critical information that keeps businesses in operation, which is why in previous years companies owned their own data center and kept it close enough for the CIO to keep an eye on it. In recent years, this way of thinking has changed, especially rel="noopener noreferrer" with cloud computing and easy mobile access. When ZDNet asked a panel of CIOs whether they thought it was always better to own your own data center, they responded with 11 to 1 favoring no. Most CIOs agreed that while there are companies out there that benefit from owning their own data center, the majority feel it’s better to leave this up to the professionals to invest the capital to build, staff and maintain the infrastructure to ensure consistent uptime and 24/7 security.

5. Colocation is on the Up

A new report by  DCD Intelligence sites that almost a quarter of the data center footprint in the North America region is outsourced, and the amount invested in data center outsourcing and colocation has increased by 13% over the past twelve months.  Companies are outsourcing at a higher rate and are opting to take advantage of the cost efficiencies and IT resources associated with colocation. This allows CIOs the opportunity to expand their data center footprint on an as-needed basis, rather than invest in an entire expansion up front.

With the innovation and evolution of technology, the data center will continue to play a central role in 2014 and will continue to evolve to enable companies to become more efficient while providing cost-effective alternatives to traditional strategies and approaches. If you’re looking to learn more about QTS and our data centers,  visit our site.