'House of Cards' Effect Highlights Digital Media Data Challenges

There’s no doubt about it: we live in a world of digital media. In 2015, Netflix streamed 42.5 billion hours of video, up from 29 billion hours in 2014. To put that in perspective, that’s 4,566,210 years of video streamed in the last year alone. Meanwhile, music service Spotify streamed 20 billion hours of music in 2015 (rapper Drake was the most streamed artist in 2015 with 1.8 billion streams, for those keeping track). Of course, all of these video and music files have to be stored somewhere, and that’s where data centers come in.

Internet users demand an online experience that is accessible whenever and wherever they want it. Users want to be able to connect from all of their platforms: computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches and other Internet of Things-enabled devices. Therefore, content providers, like Netflix and Spotify, digital retailers and other digital media companies have to make sure their data is available at fast speeds 24x7x365. Any downtime can lead to negativity, loss of publicity and loss of revenue.

Another challenge facing digital media companies is the uneven traffic that is common to the industry. Netflix’ release of the third season of “House of Cards” in March caused a 30% spike in the company’s normal traffic for a Sunday night. This is why flexible systems that can scale to accommodate increases in demand, while at the same time not wasting resources, are so crucial for companies in this industry.

In order to solve these challenges, companies can create their own data solution, which can be costly and impractical to implement and manage. The other alternative is to partner with a data solutions provider, like QTS, to help with the data puzzle. With fully integrated networking capabilities and a variety of solutions available, QTS can deliver the infrastructure services digital media companies need while reducing waste and keeping data safe.

Our global network of data centers provides a redundant, robust and dependable platform – ideal for workloads that demand high performance, high transaction volumes and low latency while processing vast amounts of data reliably and cost-effectively. More Than Data Solutions. Data Solved.®

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