How QTS' Chicago Data Center Benefits You

With the upcoming launch of our newest mega data center, we want to review the benefits our Chicago location will have for businesses and agencies looking for data solutions in the Midwest. Chicago is the biggest connectivity hub in its region, and its ability to increase connectivity and reduce latency is a major draw for large enterprise companies. QTS’ Chicago facility has been built to offer comprehensive data solutions for organizations from a variety of industries.

For those within driving distance of Chicago, QTS’ new facility offers easier access for partners looking to colocate their data storage. Being physically closer to your data not only allows you to oversee upgrades and repairs, but also increases the speed of your end-to-end response time. For local partners, our Chicago campus is just a short drive away in the heart of downtown Chicago, so it doesn’t require a commute into the suburbs. Because we know urban areas have a reputation for difficult parking, we have provided free and convenient parking for visitors.

Whether you are looking solely for colocated space in Chicago or are in need of a hybrid IT solution, QTS has a flexible, customizable portfolio of data solutions. Our Chicago campus is a carrier-neutral facility, too. We know cookie-cutter solutions don’t meet the needs of modern businesses. If your business requires data center space, cloud storage, managed services or all three, QTS can build a unique solution for you.

In addition to our integrated portfolio of solutions, our Chicago data center offers a facility built for security and sustainability.

Built to the compliance standards of regulations like SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FedRAMP, QTS’ Chicago facility is capable of complying with the complex safety needs of multiple industries. Physical safety is also priority, so the campus includes a perimeter fence, single point-of-entry, biometric authentication and 24x7x365 security guards.

QTS is dedicated to building our data centers for efficiency and sustainability. This is not only a decision to be conscientious of our environmental impact but a consideration of the impact on our partners’ bottom lines. Chicago’s power cost is 27% lower than the national average, according to JLL, and Chicago facilities have more power conversation capabilities.

Adding to Chicago’s power efficiency, QTS is the only large, wholesale and colocation data center in the Chicago market using Kyoto cooling. Kyoto cooling is the most economical and efficient data center cooling technology on the market today, providing 90% effectiveness in heat rejection.

Perhaps most importantly, QTS Chicago is an innovative solution for your current and future business needs. Data center space is in high demand in Chicago, and many data centers are running out of space for expansion. With 317,000 sq. ft. of data center space, QTS Chicago offers availability and scalability, so we can accommodate your business as it grows. That’s why, at QTS, you are more than a temporary customer; you are a lasting partner.

QTS Chicago is more than a data solution. It’s Data Solved. For tips on things to consider when selecting a data center provider in Chicago, download our whitepaper.


You can also visit us online or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA for more information on our Chicago mega data center and other services.