How QTS Chicago Helps Grow Your Business

What does it mean to have an “all-in-one” provider, and how does it help grow your business?

QTS is redefining the Chicago data center experience by bringing an all-in-one data services portfolio and an unmatched customer experience to the Windy City. The Midwest is a major hub for data center providers, with a high demand for storage space and data solutions. QTS Chicago’s unique product and service offerings bridge the gap between traditional data center providers and cloud service providers, making it a standout organization in the Chicago area market.

Having access to custom data center, colocation and managed services in a single, trustworthy location can sustain your data needs as your business expands. QTS Chicago is designed for long-term ownership and built for scalability, anticipating ongoing customer partnerships and growth.

In addition to the convenience of having a one-stop-shop for all of your data center needs, the efficiency of an all-in-one data center is unbeatable. Scalable colocation options – from single cabinets to multi-rack cages to private suites – provide flexibility for businesses from Internet startups to Fortune 500 corporations to expand within a stable environment, without the inconvenience of relocating their infrastructure.

That flexibility extends to the amount of effort a business’ internal IT-staff is obliged to expend. Should your staff want to manage hardware deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, they have ample, free parking at QTS Chicago to make routine visits. Meeting rooms are also available so your team can collaborate without having to leave the data center. However, if you need your IT-team focused on your business’ core goals rather than pushing buttons, toggling switches, securing cabling, rotating tapes and coordinating repairs, QTS Managed Services can handle that for you. 

These Managed Services play a large role in the benefits of having an all-in-one data center provider. Passing on the maintenance of your QTS colocated data allows you to keep pace with business demands and growth while reducing overhead costs. QTS Managed Network, Systems, Security and Storage and Backup are some of the services your business can employ to maintain your colocated equipment. Aside from standard maintenance, though, you can also leverage QTS for the unexpected with Managed Disaster Recovery and cloud DR solutions.

Having a cloud provider in addition to a data center provider lets you put the task of protecting your data into the hands of the people storing it. While QTS Chicago has advanced physical and virtual security measures in place, the inevitable nature of data is vulnerability. That’s why it is vital to have a disaster recovery solution in place. QTS Disaster Recovery as a Service is an innovative, cloud-based replication solution that meets the needs of today’s hybrid IT infrastructure.

An all-in-one data center provider is convenient, flexible and efficient. When all of your data needs can be met in one place, it is both easier to avoid problems and to resolve them when they come up. You have the option to unload as much or as little responsibility from your IT-staff as you feel is necessary, so you can choose the solutions that will best streamline your business procedures for growth. 

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