How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Data Center

Optimizing data center performance is an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Having simple guidelines in place for maintenance and growth can increase data center efficiency and reduce data center costs. We’ve outlined five goals you can set for your data center maintenance that will improve your facility’s efficiency.

Maximize Capacity

Technology is evolving rapidly, and businesses are developing quickly. As businesses grow and their needs change, IT staffs are forced to keep pace with changing demands. With focus divided between data center tasks and core business goals, routine maintenance of servers and assets may not be prioritized. Because of this, expired or dead technology may go unnoticed and untouched. Data center space is too valuable to be wasted. Make it a rule to maximize your data center’s capacity with assets that are helping grow your business, not sitting idly.

Don’t Ignore the Little Things

Data centers are an expensive resource, and they require routine upkeep to maximize their value. While it can be easy to let small flaws like unused cables or unsealed server racks slide by, these minor details can add up to a major impact on your data center’s efficiency. Try to make it common practice to watch for these defects and correct them when they’re noticed.

Strategize Data Center Growth

Bigger is not always better, especially with something as cost-intensive as a data center. Plan increases in data center space according to realistic growth expectations. Strategic data center planning accounts for business growth, but also works to avoid unoccupied data center space. An efficient data center serves your business. An inefficient data center demands more resources than it supplies.

Carefully Select a Cooling System

Data center energy costs can be exorbitant, so it’s vital to implement an economical cooling solution that keeps your hardware operating smoothly. While you must keep a data center cool, businesses often overestimate how cold their facilities need to be. Take some time to research what an ideal temperature is for your data center to keep hardware operating while saving energy and money.

Budget for Longevity

With data center facilities and technology, it is true that you get what you pay for. A small price-tag solution can be tempting, but rarely is the lowest cost solution the most efficient. Budgeting for longevity means seeing beyond a data center solutions price tag to consider the total cost of ownership. How can the solution ultimately grow, or cripple, your business? What is the equipment’s lifecycle? Asking these questions will help you improve data center efficiency as your data strategy changes

Although all of these are feasible practices to improve data center efficiency, some businesses and IT teams need to concentrate on core business goals and don’t have the resources to expend on maintenance or expansion. If your business is struggling to run an efficient data center, consider colocation or hybrid cloud solutions with QTS. Visit our website or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA to learn more about QTS’ fully integrated portfolio of solutions.