Introducing QTS cloudConnect at a Data Center Near You

Nearly 75% of businesses use more than one type of cloud solution to augment their IT services, whether it be public, private or hybrid cloud. Of those, 40% to 50% use more than one of the same type of cloud. Many companies use the Internet to connect to their cloud provider, a method that has drawbacks that make it less than ideal for many enterprise customers.

A lot of our customers need higher bandwidth, more consistent connection speeds and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their sensitive data is transmitted on a private network. That’s why we are introducing QTS cloudConnect to help new and existing customers get connected or move from an Internet connection to a private connection.

QTS cloudConnect provides a dedicated connection between your cloud or colocation space within QTS to a single public cloud provider, giving you a private VLAN connection between a QTS data center and the nearest AWS pop. With cloudConnect, you can utilize private, public and hybrid cloud storage.

When you utilize cloudConnect, you get a dedicated, reliable, private network connection to public clouds with predictable performance. Because we offer a complete solution, we can be your one stop shop for your data center needs.

With cloudConnect, you get the convenience of placing a single order, meaning installation and turn up is coordinated. And QTS understands your business—we will handle all the support for your data center needs. Plus, you get an integrated bill for all your data center solutions as well as a relationship with one account team.

cloudConnect is just a part of QTS’ bundle of products that meet customers’ overall product needs, simultaneously balancing quality, price, convenience and support. For more information on cloudConnect, click here. You can also call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.