Limiting Trips to the Data Center During These Uncertain Times

Remote Hands = Remote Control

Few things are more important to an organization than keeping their servers up and running. No matter how it occurs, system downtime can quickly translate into lost revenue, diminished productivity, and missed opportunities.

To ensure optimum IT performance and uptime, data center managers make frequent visits to the data center to perform a myriad of tasks encompassing equipment installs, asset tracking, ongoing repairs and preventative maintenance. 

At QTS, these tasks can be handled for our customers by a dedicated team of highly qualified data center technicians as part of QTS 24/7 “Remote Hands” services. Having Remote Hands means you have professional, certified technicians providing immediate support to reduce risk by providing immediate response for emergencies, maintenance and repairs around the clock. This ensures your ability to maximize performance and system uptime and, more importantly, reduce exposure and health risks to your employees by limiting the number and frequency of their visits the data center. This should come as some solace considering the disruption in our daily lives we are all experiencing.

What does QTS Remote Hands encompass? 

QTS Remote Hands customers have access to the following:


  • Expert Data Center Technicians – QTS’ experienced and qualified Remote Hands technicians are experts in our data center environments and know how to set up a variety of network infrastructures that meet customer needs and ensure installations and migrations run smoothly.


  • Rack and Stack Services – QTS technicians stack, install and cable equipment quickly and efficiently. With their keen understanding of QTS’ colocation facilities, they can deploy new hardware with - minimal disruption to services while still maintaining high levels of system uptime.


  • Rapid Maintenance -- QTS technicians are trained to identify problems quickly and address them immediately. Since they are native to QTS’ data center environment they can expertly perform tasks such as cable checks, circuit testing, redistribute assets to address power draw, identify rack elevation availability, move equipment and more.


  • Rapid Incident Resolution – QTS Remote Hands provides 24x7x365 troubleshooting for anything that goes wrong with colocated assets and the networks they make possible. QTS technicians can perform visual inspections and help get your equipment back up and running with minimal disruption.


  • Power Cycling and Deployment Optimization -- QTS technicians can evaluate and identify issues with servers, network switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices and assist with rebooting machines. This can make the difference between restoring functionality in a few minutes versus taking hours to have someone go to the data center.


  • Troubleshooting -- Sometimes things just go wrong at the worst possible time. With QTS Remote Hands, help is only seconds away. QTS SDP monitoring tools also allow you to create and track IT support tickets when you identify concerns in your colocation environment.


  • Reassign Internal IT Talent- By utilizing QTS Remote Hands to handle the day-to-day burden of keeping their IT infrastructure up and running, organizations can reassign their high-value IT personnel to focus on more business-critical activities.


  • Shipping and Receiving – QTS can handle any shipping/receiving need without you being onsite.

QTS Remote Hands and Your Colocation Environment

All of QTS’ customers have the option for Remote Hands services included in their contracts. They can be activated immediately and remotely via QTS’ fully digitized Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that enables them to more efficiently manage and optimize their data center environments in real-time.

Remote Hands in not just about convenience. It can dramatically improve an organization’s colocation experience. Remote Hands is a matter of cost efficiency and risk reduction and more recently, a health and security issue for all within our industry.

QTS intimate knowledge of the data center environment allows us to manage our customers ’ IT environment far more effectively than an off-site team, even one familiar with the customer’s IT infrastructure. QTS’ Remote Hands allows us to serve as a trusted extension of a company’s IT team.

With Remote Hands, QTS customers can retain control over their co-located assets without having to keep their own IT personnel on constant watch over their data center deployment.  It ensures the day-to-day burden of keeping their IT infrastructure up and running, while allowing high-value IT personnel to focus on adding value to the business and creating new opportunities.

And rest assured, QTS has taken comprehensive action to protect customers and employees against the potential spread of the virus and safeguard our ability to provide resilient service.

To learn more about Remote Hands and additional ways to manage and optimize your data center environment remotely, register and attend this live webinar.

A Note about QTS Data Center Uptime and Customer Service

QTS features 6 million square feet and 650+ megawatts powering 26 software-defined data centers delivering innovative hybrid colocation and hyperscale solutions.

Since 2010, QTS has committed to and delivered 99.999 percent or greater uptime across its entire portfolio of data centers. This commitment contributes to QTS’ industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) that measures overall customer satisfaction. In 2019 customers rated QTS highly in a range of service areas including customer service, physical facilities, processes, responsiveness and service of onsite staff and the 24-hour OSC. QTS’ score of 88 is its highest yet and is more than double the average NPS score for data center companies (42).