Low Latency Data Centers are a Must for Financial Services Companies

In the financial services industry, the speed at which your data moves is crucial to the success of your business. Automated trading platforms have considerable demands from technology infrastructures, and connectivity is a top priority. Poor latency can devastate transaction-based applications, resulting in frustration and lost dollars for you and your customers.

When considering the significance of low latency, it’s important to remember that latency means time, and time can be a deciding factor in how satisfied your customers, employees and other stakeholders are. Finding a data center provider with low latency and reliable connectivity can increase the speed of your transactions and decrease the frequency of downtime and delays.

One of the simplest ways to decrease latency is by choosing servers that are closer to exchanges, reducing the amount of time it takes a packet of information to travel from end-to-end. By removing as many obstacles or delays as possible from the network, you lessen the time delay and risk of disrupted transmissions. Lower latency will also minimize network disruptions caused by unexpected spikes in activity.

With QTS’ international footprint of 24 data centers, businesses can easily find a QTS data center near them that will provide a low latency alternative to in-house data storage. Because we understand the value of geographic diversity and low latency for our partners, QTS is often expanding our services to new locations, too. You can see a list of our current data center locations on our website.


QTS data centers across the United States and in major international cities provide convenient access for your primary and secondary data center needs. QTS facilities are built with best-of-breed technologies, and we have a relentless focus on uptime and customer service. For financial services companies, these are data center characteristics that are invaluable.

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