New QTS Mega Data Center Offers Chicago Healthcare Data Solutions Built to HIPAA Standards

Protecting patient data and ensuring scalability for the future are critical requirements for healthcare organizations when it comes to data center providers. As more and more health-related services turn to online technology, this need will only grow. That's why QTS ensures that all of our data centers are built to top of the line HIPAA standards, including our new mega data center in Chicago's central business district.

When it comes to data security, it's important to focus beyond hacking and look at physical security, too. What you want to look for is a compliant platform that is safeguarded 24x7x365 by impregnable physical defenses and two-factor authenticated logical security. Our Chicago data center has this covered with:

  • Built to HIPAA / HITECH standards
  • Security fence surrounds perimeter of property
  • Single Point of entrance
  • Data center floor and secured areas require card key
  • Two-factor biometric authentication (finger print and iris scan)
  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365
  • Active patrol both inside and outside facility
  • Closed circuit video cameras cover the interior and exterior of the building

As more and more patient data moves to the cloud, it's important to think about scalability for your data. QTS' Chicago data center will open with 48,000 square feet of new raised floor and 8 megawatts of critical power—and our facility has the capacity to expand to a total of 346,000 square feet of raised floor and 56 megawatts of power within the campus.

Visit our Chicago Data Center page for more information on key features and specs for QTS Chicago's mega data center. QTS currently operates 24 multi-tenant data centers encompassing more than 4.8 million square feet worldwide. Our global network of data centers provides a redundant, robust and dependable ideal for workloads that demand high performance, high transaction volumes and low latency while processing vast amounts of data reliably and cost-effectively. More Than Data Solutions. Data solved.®

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