QTS Hosted Private Cloud: Purpose-Built for Your Hybrid Future

Balancing the need to leverage existing hardware and software investments with the need to modernize can make moving applications and data to the cloud a daunting task for any organization. Consequently, companies often resist investing in new technology without assurance of the proper depreciation and recovery costs. But the future of data is hybrid, from hybrid cloud strategies to the hybrid IT methodology. According to Forbes, hybrid cloud adoption increased three-fold last year. As hybrid adoption grows, more and more enterprises are finding that the keys to hybrid cloud success are ease of use and automation.

These two key aspects, easy of use and automation, are central to ensuring that IT teams can access, monitor, manage and secure cloud environments in an efficient, yet comprehensive manner. IT decision makers have found that centralizing insights, analytics and management functions into a single console is imperative to increasing ROI and decreasing risk.

QTS recently launched an exciting new solution, Hosted Private Cloud (HPC). This purpose-built infrastructure-as-a-service platform (IaaS) is designed for hybrid IT, offering centralized, streamlined management and monitoring functionalities. It provides expert multi-cloud managed services, while bringing high levels of automation and enhancing visibility of your complete cloud environment.

HPC was built using QTS’ state-of-the-art Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (HCMP) and a hyperconverged infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructures are built on entirely virtualized infrastructure. This software-centric architecture tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources as well as other technologies. This enables consumption-based infrastructure economics and flexibility without compromising performance, reliability or availability.

By employing hyperconverged cloud technology, QTS Hosted Private Cloud is able to meet the growing demands of companies that want to run advanced applications and workloads in a controlled and highly automated multi-cloud IT environment. Also, QTS HPC customers can easily add incremental blocks of infrastructure to the solution as needed, eliminating the need for replacement and/or frequent upgrades. Customers benefit from predictable performance, robust security, seamless application mobility for all enterprise applications, and faster time-to-value for expanded environments.

In a nutshell, Hosted Private Cloud delivers:

A single console for greater visibility into public and private cloud workloads.

Significantly higher levels of automation for faster time-to-value.

On-demand user access to features for increased productivity.

Leveraging QTS’ Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (HCMP) and hyperconverged infrastructure, Hosted Private Cloud offers predictable performance, robust security from server to endpoint, seamless application mobility for enterprise applications and faster time to value for expanding environments. Click here to learn more about the advanced integration and visibility offered by this new solution.