QTS Now Offers Hardware Assure

With customers, employees and other stakeholders expecting 24x7x365 accessibility to your site, apps and data, a hardware break can cost your business both money and loyalty. Proactive maintenance is vital to keeping your hardware running at full capacity and performance, but the time it takes to monitor and maintain hardware around-the-clock can exhaust your internal IT resources. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

QTS Hardware Assure is a service available for customers with dedicated physical components located in a QTS data center. The goal of Hardware Assure is to prevent disruptions to your business operations by maintaining your hardware. Our compliant, redundant data centers already house your hardware. Now you can leverage our expert team of engineers and IT professionals to keep your hardware at optimal performance.

It’s time to let QTS’ expertly trained team manage your hardware for you. Here are three components of Hardware Assure that make it a critical element to keeping your business’ hardware running.

Proactive Monitoring

The best way to stop hardware incidents is to prevent them. Often, our customers lack the manpower for around-the-clock monitoring. Utilizing the QTS team to proactively monitor your hardware 24x7x365 means hardware degradation or failure will be identified in advance. So, while Hardware Assure is a service for fixing hardware breaks, it is first and foremost a service that helps avert malfunctions. Hardware Assure’s proactive, rather than reactive, approach checks the health of your hardware and alerts you and QTS when thresholds are exceeded.

Incident Resolution

Hardware incidents need to be resolved as quickly as possible, especially with regulatory and compliance standards that require 100% uptime. You need your IT staff to be developing your business and higher-level IT projects, not preoccupied with infrastructure maintenance. QTS’ Hardware Assure service expediently manages any hardware incidents from initiation to resolution. Throughout the process, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee your incident response time.

QTS technicians start the resolution process immediately and keep you updated on the ticket’s status through the QTS Customer Portal. QTS-provided and customer-owned hardware is supported through Hardware Assure, so in the event that customer-owned hardware requires vendor support QTS will coordinate vendor services.  

Vendor Coordination and Engagement

In the case that your hardware break requires vendor services, you won’t want to expend additional resources managing multiple contracts. Hardware Assure relieves you of that burden, as QTS assumes responsibility for managing vendor contracts and representative visits at QTS data centers. Having a single point-of-contact for all hardware repair issues expedites the resolution process.

Operating and maintaining hardware is a QTS core competency. QTS experts are onsite 24x7x365, and they are experienced and certified on QTS housed hardware. Shift the headaches, hassles, time and inconvenience of hardware incidents to QTS. Hardware Assure streamlines and simplifies resolution, from ticket open to ticket close, for one monthly fee.

To learn more about QTS Hardware Assure, download the Hardware Assure Data Sheet and check out the Hardware Assure section on our website. You can also call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS.