QTS OpenStack: Making Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy a Reality

QTS OpenStack Cloud offers flexibility, scalability and seamless integration while freeing up your in-house staff and resources.

OpenStack has been described as the fabric that glues data center infrastructure together. However, despite its unique ability to control a variety of complicated systems, OpenStack can be a complicated platform to deploy and manage if you lack the in-house expertise.

More and more companies outside of the IT arena are recognizing OpenStack’s unique ability to connect and integrate different pieces of infrastructure that weren’t necessarily designed to work well together. This fusion leads to more scalability, flexibility and operational efficiency which attracts enterprise, government and financial organizations. Furthermore, with the promise of no vendor lock-in and improved agility, OpenStack offers organizations more control and more opportunity to innovate.

However, the OpenStack cloud operating system is a double-edged sword. The ability to integrate these systems comes with a complex architecture that requires specialized expertise. As more companies begin utilizing OpenStack, they are challenged in finding professionals with the necessary knowledge, experience and training required to successfully build, deploy and manage OpenStack. In fact, the world-wide shortage of IT professionals with advanced OpenStack expertise is a major stumbling block on the path to wide-scale adoption.

QTS OpenStack Cloud addresses these challenges with a simple approach to OpenStack computing.

Built on Ubuntu OpenStack, the world’s most stable and manageable cloud, QTS now offers two distinct OpenStack Cloud solutions Multi-tenant OpenStack Cloud and Private OpenStack Cloud. QTS OpenStack Cloud gives you a very simple approach to making hybrid cloud a reality. Our turn-key solution provides the quickest, easiest and most cost-predictable way to get a fully functional OpenStack cloud in days versus weeks or longer.

QTS OpenStack Cloud is supported by OpenStack experts that are able to design, deploy and manage your OpenStack cloud. Our fully managed services offer the benefits of a private cloud and take away the pain of day to day infrastructure management. Along with QTS’ unrivaled support, we’ll have your private OpenStack cloud deployed and ready for production faster than you could do in-house.

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