Solving the Data Challenges Faced by Government Agencies, Contractors

Federal agencies face many of the same basic challenges that organizations outside the government spectrum do: security concerns, compliance standards and big data. By virtue of being government organizations funded by taxpayer dollars, these agencies and the contractors that serve them have extra items to think about when working to solve their data challenges.


Data breaches across a range of industries made big news in 2015, though perhaps none bigger than the Office of Personnel Management hack that resulted in the leak of 21.5 million people’s records. The government is a prime target for hackers since so much of its data is sensitive in nature and therefore very valuable.

Government IT consortium Meritalk projects that federal agencies will spend $65 billion between 2015 and 2020 to modernize and secure their data while also working to consolidate their data centers. This creates an opportunity for government contractors to step in and help agencies meet their security needs.


Hand in hand with security concerns come extra compliance requirements that federal agencies and contractors must meet in order to operate. The two main requirements with which agencies must comply are the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (2014) and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (2011), created primarily to give oversight for cloud storage systems. However, FISMA and FedRAMP are constantly changing, and keeping up with their evolution to stay within the law is a time-consuming task.

Big Data

The more data that is available to federal agencies, the easier it can be for those agencies to make decisions – provided they have the tools available to analyze the raw data. This data, which can include telephone records, bank transactions, raw video surveillance or even DNA samples, can be extremely valuable to agencies in their analytical work.

However, the sheer volume of the data requires exceptional storage and computing resources in order to effectively utilize it. And as the public requests more access to government data, data center resources are taxed even further.

Data Solved

While providing data solutions for the government comes with its own unique set of challenges, QTS is poised to help you solve them. Partnering with QTS can help your organization improve efficiency, agility and innovation ability.

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