Summer House Cleaning Tips for Your Cloud

This summer, take time to step back and reevaluate new ways to fine-tune your cloud infrastructure. Whether your environment is public, private or hybrid, performing a bit of seasonal maintenance can significantly optimize computing resource performance. Summer house cleaning helps you refresh your own infrastructure, as well as your vendor-partner relationships.  The result is a more cost-effective, secure and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Here are some strategies that will help your organization keep your cloud running smoothly year-round.

Get a Pulse on Your SLAs

When you were first negotiating your service level agreements (SLAs), you likely had a prudent approach. You were up to date on all of your performance metrics and wary of the promises potential providers were making. This summer, it’s time to see if your provider has held true to the terms agreed upon in your SLA. Are your SLAs still relevant and being met? Or, do they require renegotiation? For example, if your hybrid environment has experienced service disruptions or unscheduled downtime in the cloud, you should revisit your service guarantees and expectations with your provider.

Conduct an Inventory “Refresh”

The Internet of Things is growing and technology is advancing, so enterprises and data center operators are quickly adopting new software and hardware technologies to make operations more flexible, efficient, scalable and sustainable. Summer is the perfect time to review your current investments. What infrastructure elements need to be upgraded? Is your current technology still supported by its vendor in the event it fails? How can you consolidate, reduce complexity, and make your technologies more sustainable? After taking inventory of your environment, ensure that you’ve built a secure migration path for seamless delivery through transitions.

Drop Old Security Bad Habits

Summer is a good time to remind all employees and partners that security should be at the forefront of their minds. A new goal could be to have all staff – not just your IT team – undergo annual security awareness training. It is easy to become complacent as everyday tasks become habitual, however recent data breaches show the cost of failing to be careful, compliant and secure can be astronomical. Develop in-depth best practice guidelines and a training checklist to reinforce principals on a continual basis.

Reevaluate Your Overall Cloud Strategy

While your cleaning up your existing infrastructure, you should reevaluate your cloud strategy as a whole. If it’s not achieving the goals you set out to accomplish, you may need to revisit the drawing board. There is an ongoing cloud price war, and many businesses are choosing the least expensive public cloud solutions and regretting it later when the expected level of service doesn’t come through. While an inexpensive commodity cloud can be appealing for your budget, performance tends to be positively correlated with price. The added customization of a more advanced, high-preforming cloud may be worth the extra dollars.   

Whether you just need to dust off the virtual shelves in your cloud, or you find that your provider isn’t meeting your expectations, remember that it’s never too late to change course. If you need help with your cloud strategy, call QTS at 877.QTS.DATA or visit our website to see our list of cloud and hybrid IT services.